Ruijin, dream flower bloom (I with a city · red memory 1)

  The picture shows the Ruijin Red Army Martyrs Memorial Tower.

  Zou Xiaoguang was celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. I launched the "Red Memory" series from today, telling the revolutionary story in a city, remembering the heroic performance of the revolutionary ancestors..

  - Editor’s body in Ruijin City, often feeling around each landmark, every landscape, are related with the red. For example, every day I eighty-one from the South, through the Red Lane, the work of a new day begins.

Sometimes, I will go in the opposite direction, after Jiefang Avenue are imported red, Soviet Avenue …… In fact, the city’s red, far more than engraved in criss-cross the road.

In elementary school language textbook, the word of mouth about the parents, in the shuttle of the human heart, this bright red called the city, has long been known to the world.

Red, Ruijin is the most eye-catching business card, is the most profound background. In 1931, the Chinese Soviet republic temporary central government in Ruijin Ye Ping was proclaimed; in 1934, the Central Red Army from Ruijin Yun Rock Hill, began the arduous Long March.

My great grandfather, after the long march gone; my second grandfather, dragging an injury, came back after the team lost in the Long March; my grandmother used to be Soviet women cadres of their narrow escape …… experience, as well as revolutionary and gives meaning to the family, is still a profound impact on my life.

  A child, I do not know too much, just know that on lintel old house, long hung a "honorable House" metal plaque. Spring Festival every year, the village also sent "Glory House" paintings for our family.

Father always respectful eye-catching at the pictures posted on the hall. Year after year, I was in the full sense of ritual events, learn glory ancestors, and their unusual journey through life from fuzzy to gradually clear.

  I graduated from a normal school, when the teacher returned to Ruijin. The first school where I work, formerly known as the Red Army Peng Yang Bubing school (in honor of Peng Pai, Yang Yin Erlie persons named).

Nine school hall eighteen well, it seems that everywhere engraved with the once grand, vehement.

I know that those innocent children sitting at the podium, in all likelihood, like me, is a descendant of the Red Army.

They sparkling eyes, full of longing for the future.

And I have to do is transfer of knowledge, transfer of faith, passing glory, passing the love of this world.

  Winter 1998, I was appointed as a school counselor Young Pioneers Battalion total.

At that time, an unnamed old Red Army donation Our school poor students complete their studies deeds in the "Liberation Army Daily" published. Dozens of letters from People’s Liberation Army, said to subsidize children not afford school fees.

They care for the old impressed me, I took to establish contact with these soldiers through letters, to help poor students and their schools are paired. From their monthly allowance, he sent out a part of the children, one by one, that ends the thirst for knowledge, eager talent dream. Today, all students who successfully studies, graduate work, to grow into a serious life, to contribute to the good of society young people. Later, I became a writer. Ruijin think there are a number of surviving old Red Army, there are many stories to be eagerly awaited record, I started writing a rescue conscious. I went to the sandbar Nanba interviewed over a hundred Red Army Blue Iksan, wrote his memories written.

In the second year after I interviewed, the Blue Mountains benefits to longevity serene death. I also went to visit the local village Chak Tan Mao Tan loyal soul of sacrifice and buried, to marble Shan interviewed eighteen GongYingQiang bravely fighting the enemy of the story; I had to finish searching the Long March of the Red Army woman with a son and daughter feet thick Jane Young, and also founding Colonel Peng gold high-grandson formal dialogue conducted interviews …… so much life worth remembering, so many spiritual beliefs and worthy of our heritage. When their destiny ups and downs in my words, they have to pay long-lasting and profound meaning in time and space. There are six or seven years, I served as the Ringling yuan Tamura town of village cadres, the whole witness and participate in every process of tackling poverty.

In the object of my help, there are two families of martyrs. I’ll be good policy to implement a new era in their lives, to help them towards well-off and happy days. When I walk in the easily accessible village trail, witnessed a year of their lives changed for the better, see their houses to become bright day by day, watched their children go to college one favorite running away, I thought of those who revolution and bloodshed predecessors, thought their life fighting for a dream, this dream, and now the flowers are out of this land. July 29, 2018, the official poverty Ruijin City, hat, and in December of that year won the "2018 Annual Top Ten Chinese tackling poverty and poverty alleviation precise demonstration counties," the title. Today’s Ruijin, the butterfly has become a modern city with a considerable scale. Red rhododendron forest hill was very bright, dabaidi of bamboo attendants will melt into the household, fruit navel orange orchard full of the joy of harvest, these sweet land of delivery to a broader distance …… "red orange yellow green blue purple "" install Click Guan Shan, now look better, "a classic red poetry, accurately predicted the new face of Ruijin city. Over the years, I often take the high-speed rail and motor car, starting from Ruijin station, toward the north and south of the country, from the numerous beautiful scenery in new understanding of the meaning behind the city. More often, I am here to welcome visitors from all over, they came to Ruijin Ye Ping, accompanied by revolutionary site group cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs. In the dense forest of camphor trees and green grass, I again and again and they see it together Congress of Soviets and the Red Army Martyrs Monument site.

We stand on the floor leaves Red Square, meditation on the grass engraved eight characters pure as snow: "the blood of martyrs marching forward.

"In the direction of the sunrise, I saw bustling place to place today. Yes, a red ship in advance, moon and carried her time in advance, over thousands walking the earth, are on the move. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Ye Chiu).