“this is……Slighted sword?”Duan Yu is no longer awesome,Blood knife old ancestors have already bullied to him。

And Duan Yu also lifted at this time.,One time period“Finger crit”,Right hand small business sword、Shangyang Jian、Zhonghua sword、Guanhu、Shaofeng Jian,The little finger of the left hand is under,It is even more than the Sword!
The blood knife old ancestors, even if the blood knife makes it twelve power,It is also difficult to close to Duan Yu.,Moreover, it is pressed tired of self-protection!
Original blood knife old ancestor kills Duan Yu,It is a shallow relationship between him and Dali.,I hope I can take the opportunity to disturb the Tianlong Liu Yan.——This should be more useful than direct support。
Just encountering a Chu Deirers in the middle.,Let him have this set of Chu Deirers“And the blood knife is very”I have interest,He is not to give the song,Nature is the first,I want to squat。
Results in this time before reputation,Slutaneous swords that have been practiced,Excited,And because of the north god“Skew”,Duan Yu naturally practiced Beijun,It is also very powerful when using the six-stage god sword.,Not only the blood knife can not distract,Even Yu Cong also has a moment of ginting……
Chu Deiren saw the blood knife old ancestore is completely in the wind,Sudden excitement and nervous,Want to cooperate with Duan Yu,Today, in addition to this rivers and lakes!
Find the blood knife, the ancestors just blocked the sword、Skill’s unstable,Chu Deirers are in the right hand.……
The blood knife didn’t know what happened.,I only think that the right arm suddenly has a different internal force.“beat”,When you want to sway,It’s slow to three points.。
Duan Yu at this time,The right hand has been Yao Yao to yourself“like”Coming,Blood knife ancestor is also the soul of death,Secret road:My life!
Chapter 26 Praise
Pulsating summons,Chu deer“Vitality”and“Slighted sword”,Fusion of new martial arts。
At first, when the Chu Deman saw the name.,Also almost jumped out your own careful liver,If it is summoned a bottle of juggling,Or similar“Time is summoned”Broadcasting operation is bad——No, no such situation before!
However, the facts have proven,The result of this fusion is not a pit……
Just did not have the Slutaneous Sword as the main body,Large extent maintained“Vitality”Nature。
Do not like the invisible swords of the Slook God swords, then directly,Still refers to it,And it is also the main point of disturbance。
But draw a six-stage sword,Use different meridians,make“Sword”Show different characteristics,make“Pulsating summons”On the basis of vitality,Increase controllable!
Vitality,After lurking in the enemy,Will make the opponent’s endless interest too active,Increasing uncontrollability,When it is serious, it will cause the running boom.。
and“Pulsating summons”Summon,It is reflected in controllability……
Refers to the lurking in the opponent,Chu Deirers can still pass“Pull out”Own meridians,To induce lurking corresponding points,Resonate,Make some reactions!
certainly,Whether it is in the latent time or the distance between each other,Have a lot limit。
And directly killing is not obvious,In the eyes of the blood knife,belong“Soft and weak”Category,And because of the internal force of the blood knife,Whether you are still,Du Fu Chu Deer,“Swim”The role is not obvious。
However, before the beginning of the Chu Deirers,Not all。
At first, the blood knife, the old ancestors, see when the Chu Deirers will force the road.,In fact, the Chu Dee is playing his own meridians.,To induce lurking,There are also eight points to grasp the full body。
No attackers in the six-stage god sword,Indeed,But change the angle,If it is a top attack nature,I am afraid that Chu Deirers now inner strength,New Wu Society is very。
Not like now,Can lock the victory!
At this time, Chu Deirers will rely on the previous point.,Inverting end,The arm of the blood knife old ancestors slowed half shot,Created output opportunities for Duan Yu。
However, at this time,I saw Duan Yu……Putting is a good point!
Don’t say it is a Chu Deirers.,Even the blood knife did not respond——Originally, I didn’t die this time.,Strong combat,Already done with an arm、After that, I will escape the preparation.。
However, Duan Yu is just a good time.,Press the thumb,No breath……
Duan Yu is also awkward,Look at your fingers,After that, two times,However, there is no happening.。
Chu Deirers are more like vomiting blood——Actually“Flameout”?