Cultural relics New Exhibition Chen upgraded Qinghai Provincial Museum

After more than two years of transformation and upgrading, the Qinghai Provincial Museum is re-opened.

After the transformation of the museum exhibition is 9,450 square meters, and there are 2405 cultural relics, including 191 national level cultural relics.

Qinghai Provincial Museum is carefully planned for Qinghai Historical Cultural Relics Exhibition, Qinghai Inquired Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Qinghai Archaeological Action Exhibition, a 100-year Qinghai Revolutionary Catalog, a supplementary "1 + 3" theme exhibition system, multi-angle shows Qinghai Region History and national cultural characteristics. At the same time, optimize the functional layout, provide the viewer with fine, humanized service, highlight the humanities of Qinghai.

"1 + 3" exhibition is a "new exhibition" biggest feature is to integrate the province’s cultural relics resources.

"Introduction to Huang Pei, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Museum," We fully explore the resources of the resources and cultural relics ", integrate the cultural relics resources of Qinghai Museum, expand the exhibit type, enrich the exhibition, and improve the ability of the creative, and the panoramic style show Qinghai The development process of prehistoric civilization to modern modernity.

"Qinghai Historical Cultural Relics Exhibition is the core exhibition in the" 1 + 3 "topic exhibition system in Qinghai Province.

The exhibition is divided into 6 parts, more than 600 pieces of cultural relics (sets), and the system shows the history of Qinghai historical development and multi-regional cultural characteristics. On the basis of the exhibition, the "Evil Real Enemy" "Emperor" "Sogte in Qinghai", "Du Lan Zhenzhen", etc. The times appeared in the Qinghai Provincial Museum. At the same time, fully excavate the historical and cultural connotation of Qinghai as the important node of the Silk Road, and then now the ancient Qinghai has a strong middle road, Tang Vali, Tang Tang, tea Mao Gu Road, reflecting Qinghai in "all the way" Historical role and practical significance. "Qinghai Archaeological Acts Exhibition is the first time in the pavilion to hold an archaeological fruitful exhibition, concentrated on displaying the hard history and fruitful results of Qinghai archaeological since the founding of New China.

We adhere to the "Let the cultural relics return to the argument" of the curative concept, and we will deeply explore the story behind the cultural relics, let the public learn about archaeological work. "Huang Pei said.

Archaeological Achievements include 11 parts, introduced the most representative 8 archaeological sites and South Asian corridor survey projects in Qinghai, which has both combed in archaeological processes, and interpretation and interpretation of archaeological results.

Through the form of miniature landscape, video, scene recovery, etc., the whole tomb of Haixi Dulan 2018 Blue No. 1.

Luoyang Shi, Magnifying Glass, Small Shovel … Digital archaeological tool plus archaeological scene pictures, archaeological notes, etc. .

Qinghai is a non-rich mine, has a non-material cultural heritage resource in form rich and distinctive national characteristics.

Qinghai intangible cultural heritage exhibition is based on the representative project of intangible cultural heritage in Qinghai, supplemented by Qinghai ancient buildings, regional representative natural scenery, etc., allowing the audience to feel the effect of "seeing non-perspective Qinghai".

A hundred years of Qinghai Revolutionary Cultural Relics Directory is a special exhibition plan for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. The exhibition combines the first batch of revolutionary cultural relics released by Qinghai Province, Union West Road Army Memorial, Mu Shengzhong, Memorial Hall, Atomic City Memorial Hall and other red theme memories, museums, and cultural relics to tell the story behind the 18 revolutionary sites behind Qinghai Province.

Hot water tomb treasures debuted in beautiful color, delicate bronze, gorgeous gold and silverware, vivid wood … Qinghai Provincial Museum showed a large quantity of precious cultural relics from Duran hot water tomb, is the first time with the audience It is particularly eye-catching. Qinghai Duolan Heat Tomb Group is a large tombs in the 6th century to 8th century. This year, I was selected this year. "

The 2018 Blood No. 1 tomb is one of the most complete layouts found in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the most clear structure, and the most complicated high-grade tomb, the tomb is unearthed, copper, iron, lacquer, leather and textile More than 1,000 cultural relics.

The Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Tomb of the 2018 Blood No. 1, is exquisite, and the visitors are stressed. The gold medal is positive, the center is a pattern that is combined by the day, month, and Baoyao flowers. On the day, the moon is composed of green landscaps in the box.

The branches of the branches of the treasure are on a turquoise frame, and the outer fly golden silk. Each embossed on both sides of the center pattern, a lion, a double lion, a head of the head, a title, a arch, anger, and a purple crystal of the Sphin. Golden card with laceted cyclic perforation. The green landscilla is also very beautiful. It is also unearthed in the 2018 Tomb.

Jin Yi uses a fine golden circle to surround the green border, and the two feet are circular. The phoenix is ??standing on a feet, and the other is extended from the bird. The phoenixbird double-sided body is inlaid, with a golden ring in front of the front.

Although after thousands of years, Feng Yi is still light, smart, and it is awkward.

In the exhibition, there is a golden bottle, a golden gold cup, a green tomb, etc.

Dance Qi Cai Pottery is the "treasure treasure of the townhouse" in the Qinghai Provincial Museum.

The colorful ceramics unearthed in the Tongde County, Qinghai Province, Hainan Province. Pottary high centimeter, caliber centimeter, abdomen 24 cm, bottom diameter cm, outer wall painted three parallel strings, mouth inner wall painted with two sets of hand handlovers dance human body graphics, one group of 11 people, a group of 13 people, total 24 people, between the characters, are separated by arc lines, oblique threads, and circles. The picture is simple and bright, and the scene of the original people collectively dances, reflects the spiritual life and artistic level of Majiayao. National treasure cultural relics copper gold Guanyin is exhibited in Qinghai Historical Cultural Relics Exhibition.

This is Ming Yongle, Xuande Times court casting, which is a model of goldprint statue in Ming Dynasty. It is originally affiliated to Qinghai Tibetan Buddhist Temple.

Bronze is high centimeter, heavy kilogram, and the shape is standing on the lotus seat. He is towering, the head is towering, the head is full of gold, the gold is pure, the foundry is exquisite, the ornaments are cumbersome.

Guanyin double foot pre-rods are engraved with "Daming Yongle Annual" Hanzhao Writing.

According to reports, this is my country’s largest volume of Yongle Gold Copper, and its body is large, the skills of craftsmanship, and the beauty of the body have reached the peak of ancient gold copper abrasted art.

The Han Dynasty’s phoenix copper smoked furnace is also a treasure that cannot be missed.

It unearthed from Sun Jiazhai Han Tomb on Qinghai Xining, Qinghai, and the design inspiration of the river culture tourism is from this cultural relic. I saw a phoenix on the top of the furnace cover, the other legs, the two fins, the tail is flattened, the curved spirit, the phenanthus is flying, and the vivid shows that the phoenix bird will jump, and the wings are high.

This device is made in a partial cast, and it is beautifully made. It is a boutique integrating art and practical. The scientific and technological means to experience the digital experience hall is a highlight of the upgraded transformation of the Qinghai Provincial Museum.

Wang Shiwei, Wang Shiwei, Qinghai Provincial Museum Information Center, digital experience hall utilizes three-dimensional modeling, enhances reality technology, etc., builds an immersive 5G digital experience area and "Historical transfer door" experience area, and the animation recovery shows the life of Qinghai in the river. Scenes, "resurrect" in daily life will be "resurrected" in their daily lives. In the digital experience hall, you can see "Qinghai from the Silk Road" virtual exhibition, you can also experience the Temple of the "Small Palace". Online appointment, online viewing, online listening, online viewing … Qinghai Provincial Museum fractive multimedia resources, providing a variety of lines to the public to meet the needs of people in all ages.

Portable AR glasses are also available in the exhibition hall to allow visitors to self-guided guides, listen to the solution of key cultural relics.

Huang Pei’s introduction, Qinghai Provincial Museum also creates "River Culture, 5000 – Qinghai Historical Arts Collection", River, Impression, Tour Qinghai Out, Tour Qinghai Outlook, Tour Qinghai Tomb , The new exhibition is a series of columns, innovation tells the story of cultural relics, and promotes the excellent traditional culture. "I have also made a ceramic pot, I feel very interesting." In the Social Education Activity Center, Middle School Students Li Xiaowei will experience the production of color pottery.

There is also an activity that makes the Turban cartoon character cloth, builds a Salament fence building, so that youth feel the rich historical culture in the fun interaction. (This article is provided by Qinghai Provincial Museum) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Mao Siyuan) Sharing let more people see.