400 million US dollars to buy Canadian lithium ore, the American lithium industry "third party plug" squeezed the Ningde era?

Some people say that the malls are like the battlefield, the soldiers have no joking. However, there will be some dramatic plots in the business war. Recently, the company has played a "third party plug-in" role around the bidding Canadian lithium-mine company.

On November 2nd, the Lithium in Americas announced that it has submitted an offer to the Millennium Lithium industry, and the Millennium Lithium is acquired in the way of $ 400 million (about RMB26 billion) cash.

Previously, Ningde Times was talented to the Millennium Lithium Industry and the acquisition price was set for billion yuan (about 1.9 billion yuan).

The acquisition of pedestrians were actually, and the process of this acquisition was a three-fold, and the twists and turns of the plot were not on a "four-pointed love", and the Ningde Times, which was taken by the embarrassment, was also a "embarrass". On August 27 this year, the domestic lithium-life giants, a lithium-laden public, said that it has reached a acquisition agreement with Millennium Lithium. However, the smile of the lithium-induced lithium industry has not disappeared. On September 8, the Millennium Lithium will release an announcement that the acquisition price given by the Ningde Times is more advantageous.

So, the lithium-lithium industry was arbitrarily abandoned.

In the past two months, the Ningde Times suffered an American lithium industry.

However, the Ningde Times still saves a first-line opportunity.

According to the latest announcement of the Millennium Lithium, Ningde Times can modify the quotation before November 16. If the Ningde Times has a quote of more than the American lithium industry, it is also possible to save this "feelings".

The Millennium Lithium-being granted is a lithium-ore company located in Canada. It was established in March 2005. It has two world-class lithium salt lake projects in Argentina with a lithium carbonate quantium. No matter which company can successfully acquire the millennium lithium industry, you can receive a million tons of power-based carbonate every year in the "Marriage Deposit Period" in the next 40 years.

"The lithium ore of the Millennium Lithium is a very valuable asset. We can develop this project to release its value." Joen Evans, CEO Joen Evan, CEO, the Americas, said that the American lithium industry The joint venture with 49% and 51% of the shares was jointly developed in Argentina, and the American lithium industry was more related. Previously, because the lithium-lithium industry has held a shares of the American lithium industry, thus triggered a guess, or the lithium owners of the Hummer enabled the lithium in the Americas.

But on November 2, the lithium-life lithium industry has publicly denied this.

"Lithium" war continues to warm this year, global power battery companies have begun to focus on lithium ore resources, and vigorously deploy lithium ore through stockings, acquisitions, lock long-standing methods. In October, South Korea’s LG’s new energy and Brazil signed a lithium mine subscription agreement. The size of the agreement was 2023 supplied for 60,000 tons of lithium concentrates, 2024-2027 supplied annually. In September, there are a number of power battery companies to buy lithium others. The world’s largest lithium producer USA Yaju Lithium is announced to acquire Guangxi Tianyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. to increase its lithium conversion capacity at a price of about $ 200 million (about RMB 1.3 billion) to improve its lithium conversion.

Tianhua ultra-net announcement said that the Tianhua Times will pay a capital of 100 million US dollars (about RMB 100 million) to receive 24% stake in the world’s highest reserves.

It is said that Ningde Times holds 25% of the Tianhua Edition. In addition, there are also lithium mine acquisitions in the near future.

Among them, Zijin Mining intends to acquire Canadian Lithium Salt Merchants Neo Lithium Industry, with a total price of about 100 million yuan (approximately RMB 100 million).

The latter’s 3Q project resource is 700 tons of lithium carbonate. The production capacity is expected to reach a capacity of 40,000 tons of battery level.

Jinyuan Shares Announcement, allocated subsidiaries of Jinyuan New Energy intend to acquire 60% equity of lithium source mining in the stock of cash and distribution of listed companies. The two parties agreed that the size of the lithium source mining mining is not less than 8,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year, such as more than 8,000 tons per year, continue to acquire the remaining 40% stake.

Saddle heavy stock announcement, it is planned to acquire 51% of the three-year-old mining industry held by Shenzhen Strong investment. After the completion of the transaction, the project is expected to exploit the original mine of about 1.35 million tons, and the annual production of about 300,000 tons of lithium concentrate. Lithium carbonate is about 10,000 tons. Professional institutional research report showed that global demand will increase from 480,000 tons in 2021 to 1.48 million tons in 2025, the annual complex growth rate is 32%; the Chinese market will increase from 230,000 tons in 2021 to 2025, 670,000 tons, annual complex growth rate of 30%. The price increase in raw materials has a large number of "lighten lithium" battles since this year, in the second half of the year. "The reason why the global power battery company will buy lithium mine resources, there are many reasons." The researcher of the Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade University Modern International Economic Research Center said in an interview with the "China Automobile News" reporter, one is the global new energy car The industry has entered acceleration period, which has greatly increased power battery demand; the second is from Europe to North America, Asia, is welcoming a new round of expansion of the power battery. It is characterized by the industry giants to continue to expand. The scale and speed are also continuously improved, resulting in continuous increased demand for upstream raw materials; three, new technology, new industries, new products continue to increase, but under the prior art level, lithium is still one of the main raw materials of power batteries, Cause the required raw material gap; fourth is to raise raw materials and raw raw materials by the above factors and market.

Therefore, there is strength, the powerful power battery enterprise actively promotes the source of lithium mines, and strives to ensure the supply, reducing costs, and trying to pass the unfavorable factors to the industrial chain.

As for the price increase of power battery raw materials, it has become "inertia" in the market this year.

Domestic quotation showed that as of November 2, the battery-grade carbonate was 10,000 yuan per ton, which increased by 100% from August; the low-grade hydroxide quoted per ton of dollars, and nearly 70% from August. At the same time, this year, domestic metal prices have risen from 10,000 yuan per ton, and the cumulative increase is nearly 80%; the battery-grade carbonate has increased 244% from the beginning of the year; the lithium hexafluorophosphate has increased 322% from the beginning of the year.

On October 26th, Australian main lithium-ore company Piphuo took a large number of lithium-giite concentrates in the BMX electronic platform, and 5% from the last auction price, reached a new high.

According to data shows that by 2025, the global new energy passenger car sales will reach 18 million, and the global power battery demand will exceed 1TWH. "The continuous growth of lithium resource requirements will be difficult to change in the future.

"Jiangsu New Energy Automotive Industry Development Research Institute, Ltd., Ltd., said to the" China Automobile News "reporter, the global lithium mine resources are limited, how to relieve the dependence of the power battery to lithium resources, replace the more excellent products, is the industry The topic is thinking and exploring.