after awhile,Elek、Mao Qiu and Xiao Hei’s eyes lit up,They can feel the recovery of the master’s soul。Elek even whispered to Cecilia,Wright’s soul is no longer in a state of being frozen in ice。

But Wright still didn’t wake up。
A long while,The high priest retracts his arm,Said in a cold voice:“Can do,I did it all,The sealing effect of Ernst Soul Attack has been dispelled by me,But his soul,Has entered a coma。”
“Can you wake up,It depends on his own willpower。Up to ten days,If he wakes up, it’s okay,If you don’t wake up after this time,。。。”The high priest did not go on,Just shook his head。
Talk about it,The high priest just left here。
Cromwell frowned,Glancing coldly at Koland next to him。
And Cecilia was even more disappointed,Unexpectedly,Even if the legendary high priest shot,I couldn’t save Wright directly.。
“Leah~”Heroes·Eleanor is worried,Patted his granddaughter on the back,Comforting。
“Grandma,I’m fine!”Cecilia pale,Forced a smile,“Didn’t the high priest say,Within ten days,Wright can wake up,Is it all right??I believe Wright will wake up!”
“Grandma,teacher,I’ll take care of Wright these days.!”Cecilia insisted,He half-pushed and half-invited a godly domain powerhouse and a bunch of sanctuary out of the room。
When everyone left the room,Cecilia can’t support it anymore,Two lines of tears flowed silently from the eyes。
“Woo woo,Wright, you fool,Wake me up quickly!”
“You must wake up,do not forget,The people of the Holy See are not dead yet。”
“You still have mom and dad,And sister,Grandpa needs to take care of。”
Nine days passed so quietly,Wright’s situation remains the same,Not getting better,But it’s not as bad as the high priest said,The soul is like the dead sea,Occasionally as if the breeze blows and rolls up a wave of waves,More is indeed dead。
Cromwell asked the high priest to investigate again,The high priest was also very surprised,But I don’t understand Wright’s situation.。