Monkey King glanced at the Jingtian next to him,He heard Nezha talk about world coordinates,But he won’t get world coordinates,He wants to go to the world where this Tang Sanzang is,You must have world coordinates,So he can only pin his hope on his friend Jingtian。

After Jingtian noticed the look in Monkey King’s eyes,,Nodded gently,He just guessed,Now after hearing this Tang Sanzang talk about another Monkey King,He knew,Monkey King will definitely not sit idly by。
therefore,He was just when this Tang Sanzang was speaking,I have quietly obtained the world coordinates of this Tang Sanzang world,Just like Monkey King can disregard the danger and join him in the world where Luo Chen is a new member。
He Sedum can still help Monkey King take risks,What about the seal of the Lord of Buddhism?As long as the master of Buddhism does not reach the sixth rank,The so-called Five Finger Mountain is not withstand a single blow in front of his Demon Sword。
“My Buddha is compassionate”
After Tang Sanzang heard the praise from the young man in front of him,Without the slightest arrogance,Mildly,Can travel to other worlds to preach Dharma,Save lives,Demon Slayer,Is what he yearns for,Even if the road ahead is rough,He will take it lightly。
Chapter Three Hundred and Three Buddha
Luo Chen looked at the big guy in the foreground talking with the big guy Sun Wukong and the bald man named Tang Sanzang,Listening silently,Inadvertently glanced at the Monkey King。
If it is said that the Monkey King and the monster named Monkey King mentioned by Tang Sanzang are not involved,Luo Chen was the first to not believe,But he knows that all he has to do now is to watch quietly by the side。
Any doubts after he goes to the chat group hall,Ask again,After all, there is this bald man named Tang Sanzang here,He pays too much attention when chatting with Big Sedum and Big Monkey,not very convenient。
“correct,I think the master seems to be very good at cultivation,Is it the master of Buddhism??and also,Tathagata, the Lord of Buddhism, turned out to be the teacher of the master,It seems that the future of the master must be limitless。”
Sedum looked at him with a gentle expression,Tang Sanzang is very different from the indecisive monks he heard from other group members in the chat group hall,Said with a smile。
“The son needs no praise,The little monk is just an ordinary Buddhist disciple,Luckily the teacher valued,Send little monks to other worlds,Propagating Dharma,The little monk shoulders such a heavy responsibility,Naturally dare not neglect。”
After Tang Sanzang heard the compliment of the man in white,Said quietly,The voice falls,A ray of Buddha’s light flashed in Tang Sanzang’s eyes,Gently look at these three creatures in this world。
at this time,After the Buddha’s light appeared in Tang Sanzang’s eyes,A long sword phantom appeared in the eyes of Jingtian,The endless edge does not evade and confronts the light of Buddha in Tang Sanzang’s eyes。
There is golden light in Monkey King’s eyes,A phantom of a hundred zhang giant ape appeared in the eyes of Monkey King,But under the eyes of Tang Sanzang,Monkey King’s instinctive reaction。
Luo Chen looked at the abnormality in Tang Sanzang’s eyes inexplicably,Glancing at the long sword phantom in the eyes of the big man Sedum,The phantom of the giant ape in the eyes of Monkey King,Don’t understand what is going on。
Aren’t you still talking and laughing here??Why did they suddenly show signs,but,Although Luo Chen didn’t understand what happened,But he believes that there are Big Sedum and Monkey King here,This fourth-order Tang Sanzang can’t make waves。