China CITIC Bank released the twelfth issue of asset management manager prosperity index (AMI) fell 2 compared with the previous period.5 averages

China CITIC Bank released the twelfth issue of “asset management manager prosperity index (AMI)” fell 2 compared with the previous period.5 averages
China CITIC Bank recently released the 12th “Asset Management Managers Prosperity Index (AMI)”.The 12th composite index AMI is 50.0, down 2 from the previous period.Five digits, the prosperity ratio has decreased compared with the previous period, but has not fallen below the gloom line.  Factors affecting the AMI composite index in the first quarter of 2020. First, the global epidemic outbreak has a huge impact on the economic development of countries around the world, and investors’ market confidence is low. Second, changes in global financial markets, the average prices of major assets have fallen sharply, and the risks are similarSignificant decline; third, the central government actively adopted a more flexible and appropriate monetary policy and a more active and promising fiscal policy to implement counter-cyclical adjustment. Investor sentiment has recovered to a certain extent, and AMI no longer falls below 50.  The AMI of the three major regions all declined in the 12th period.Among them, the central region where Hubei is located was the hardest hit by this outbreak, with an AMI of 45.9, a significant decrease from the previous period 7.6 averages.  Among the three major diffusion indexes, the 12th market condition AMI is 64.3. 8 mergers rebounded from the previous period.  Customer demand AMI is 46.2, down 10 from the previous period.9 averages.The ratio of the three indicators covered by it to the fourth quarter of 2019 has dropped significantly in the first quarter of 2020, indicating that customers have been pessimistic about the market due to the global financial plunge and their investment demand has shrunk.  The investment management AMI recorded 42.2. Four copies lower than the previous period, and continued to fall after the previous period.Although the number of employees AMI dropped slightly to 54.7. However, it is still higher than the line of honor and dryness. It is related to the active transformation of the bank’s asset management and the bank’s active reserve of talents.  Although the AMI in the first quarter of 2020 has decreased compared with the previous year, it is still above the gloom line, indicating that although the black swan incident such as the epidemic has caused a certain impact on the local bank asset management industry, the pace of bank asset management transformation has continuedThe prospects are broad and bright, and bank asset management managers have confidence in future development.  The AMI index is developed by the China CITIC Bank Asset Management Center and is mainly conducted through a questionnaire survey. The scope of the survey is limited to the top 150 banks in the scale of wealth management business.