Chinese ambassador to US ambassador, American student: learning Chinese truly enters the Chinese spirit world

Original title: Chinese ambassador to the United States, american student: learning Chinese truly enters the Chinese spirit world Xinhua News Agency Washington November 6th China Ambassador Qin Gang attended the "Chinese Bridge" competition in the United States, the United States. Encourage them to learn Chinese truly into the spiritual world of Chinese people, understand a true and stereo China, so that China and the United States can continue to cross the cultural differences, bridge their differences, eliminate misunderstanding, respect each other, and encouraging each other. . Qin Gang said in a speech that China is a lot of differences as two big countries in different historical culture, different social systems, and different development phases. It is necessary to learn Chinese for China and the United States. Many "Chinese Bridge" game awards or contestants speak, share the experience of learning Chinese and entries, telling the love of Chinese and Chinese culture, expressing the love of Chinese and Chinese culture, talking about learning Chinese for their future life planning, determined In the future, I have been engaged in the United States and China Friendship.

  In interactive links, students and teachers represent the Sino-US relations with Qin Gang, how to participate in the "Chinese Bridge" competition, how to become an interactive exchange of diplomats.

  Qin Gang finally said that by a relaxed and pleasant exchange of activities, I feel the enthusiasm of learning Chinese, and I also learned about the broad needs of American students to learn Chinese. He hopes that the students will continue to work hard, hold a good Chinese, pay attention to China, make friends, and weave friendship, become a friendly messenger between China and the United States. Thousands of guiding teachers, family representatives, and Chinese enthusiasts have watched the day’s activities online. (Editor: Wen Wei, Zou Jing) Sharing let more people see.