“So evil?Hey,Do you want to go??”Mu Yuqing is a little ready to move。

Even Ai Chu deer taught the improvement version“Dafa”,Mu Yixin naturally has long practiced more than one kind,Although she is qualified,The effect is that,But this courage is much larger.。
But the Chu Deirers are still very awake.,Move forward:“What do you do??We are old and old,Go to Emei、After solving the Treasure map,Waiting for the small forest,Calculate the day,Let’s go directly to Henan.!”
Leshan、Big Buddha knee、Cave、hot……
Chu Deirers always feel,This setting is familiar,It seems that this time was old“radiation”There are still a lot of things.。
And if you are really like a small ninety-nine,Some of them are like real martial arts.、Some are very violent words,How to see Leshan is the latter!
Chapter 422 Jianghu kissed me, I reported the song
Wudang Mountain“True Wu”,Leave a deep impression on Chu Deend。
Although the Chu Deirens did not make strength,After all, people are guided“Small dragon turtle”,But Zhenwuguu deer people have not been serious!
If you really do it,Chu Dee people not only feel that they are not opponents,Even feel……Qiao Feng big brother will not be true martial arts。
It seems that the volume is not good.,on the other hand,Zhenwu strong,Also left a deep impression on the Chu Deirers,Even psychological shadows……
Ouyang Feng’s big snake is also very big,Chu Deman’s little red、Ice is also very human,The ability is very wonderful,However, they have essentially different from Zhenwu.,That is, they have meridians,But there is no internal force!
Until“Ice ice”,Nature means“Croaker”——Don’t look at people lying in small boxes.,Unlike Xiaohong,I like to move.,Even the light is not very comfortable。
Zhu Yikong fluid snow white,Only a pair of eyes,Blood red color,This is also the origin of its name.。
Usually being put in the box,Don’t call,It seems that self-awareness is very weak……
Can actually find the Chu Deirens,Its spirituality is not small red,Just because it is too lazy、Be too uncomfortable,So I am afraid that Hu Gui Nan did not find this.!
Instead, under the state of the tire,No direct logic thinking,Take advantage of this。
Chu Deirers even suspected,Little red and ice ice、And even true,The reason why it is good for yourself,Large extent is the invisible impression of the tire。
It is very suitable for a wolf,Tiger leopard,Rew is friends,Mirken……
certainly,more importantly,They are not irritated,The one of Leshan mysterious cave,Chu Deirers don’t think about it at all!
Little red、Ice ice is good,Shui Zhu Yu, swallowed, is also good,They all have their own strange meridians,Meridians,Will make yourself,Produce some magical changes,However, they don’t cultivate themselves.、Not really gas。
Even if the Chu Deeman gives Xiaohong“Makeup”,The effect is only temporary,I can’t save the truth at all long-term。
But the difference between Zhenwu,Its true gas is not only a majestic,And the Chu Deirers can feel,It is a wave and a wave,Source continuous? It is definitely not the magic of Zhang Zhen.!
As for this in Leshan,Chu Deiren listened a few words? There is already a kind of confusion——The gold scale is the pool? In the event of Fengyun……
If this is not a fire unicorn,Chu Deirers……Recognizes that you are guessing。
But no matter whether it is? Chu Deirers are not ready to find trouble now,If it is really a level of Zhenwu? Chu Deener, even with Murongjin? I don’t dare to say that I will definitely? Even if you are alias one or two levels,As long as people do not take the initiative,Chu Deirers can’t force double repair,Not yet!
Have this exploration spirit? Chu Deirers are not as good as studying? How to put ice ice,Further development on myself。
Small red special ability,To the Chu Deirers,Enhanced sound、Resorted snake? as well as……Fire。
The main role is the restrained snake,And the Chu Deiren first took the small red? It is hope to rely on it to restrain the Snake array of Ouyang Feng.,Poisons that may be in the stars。
Until“Fire”What,Practicality is not very good,Be sure to say,That is the next time you meet,Chu Deirers can try to pick up his flame knife……Rebed the son threat“Burn”when,Can be harder……Then, if I don’t go to Leshan, I will die.,Perhaps you can persist for more time?
In short, this effect is too!
Compared to below,睛 冰 解 解 解,Here,It is precious and precious,So far,Chu Deirers have not yet developed these characteristics。
Although it is in a few drinks,After the relationship is taken,Chu Deirers can have a smooth double repair with their meridians,It is indeed the true gas generated by simulating this double repair.,It can also feel some special,but……Where is it?,But not to know。