He was locked in every time he made trouble,Naturally, the Shen family would not come to pick them up overnight。Shen Han always waited until the assistant of Shen’s family went to work the next day,Will come over to take care of your own affairs。

There is only Shen Han in the room,Those who were arrested with him were also young masters of rich people,Was picked up long ago。Shen Han just had a fight with someone and his whole body hurt,Sitting slantingly in the corner is not comfortable at all。He closed his eyes and wanted to sleep,It’s dawn when I wake up。
I didn’t expect him to fall asleep,The door of the room was suddenly opened,The policeman who was still fierce just now walked over peacefully,Said to him respectfully:“Mr. Shen,You can go back。”
Shen Han walked out with some doubts,But unexpectedly saw Huo Rongxuan sitting there chatting with a man。See myself,Beckoned to him。
Shen Han pursed his lips and walked over,Huo Rongxuan stood up,To that man:“Director Feng,I really trouble you this time。”
It is the chief director of their city who is talking to Huo Rongxuan,After receiving a call from Huo Rongxuan, I came to this small police station overnight.,But there is no complaint。Who is Huo Rongxuan?,If the Huo family stomped their feet,I’m afraid the whole city will be shaken。
He waved to Huo Rongxuan,“Where’s the matter,It’s also to blame that we didn’t figure it out and made an oolong,I also hope that Mr. Huo and Mr. Shen don’t worry about it。”
Huo Rongxuan nodded,“I’ll take the people away first,I must come to thank you someday。”
Behind the secretary and his party have been sending people out the door,After Huo Rongxuan got in the car,His face immediately sank。Shen Han did not dare to speak while sitting,I was a little worried all the way。
7 lesson
Shen Han followed Huo Rongxuan into the room,As soon as he comes in,The door is“Bang”Huo Rongxuan shut it down vigorously。Shen Han was startled but didn’t dare to get angry,Standing at the door with a guilty conscience,Like a student who made a mistake and was punished。
Huo Rongxuan loosened his tie a little tired,Stared at Shen Han for a while,Just said:“What did I say when I left,Ok?”
Shen Han pursed his lips,Did not speak。
Shen Han had a fight with someone,To be exact,My nose and face are swollen now,The corners of the eyes and mouth are bruised,There was a big knock on his forehead,Looks miserable,Pitiful and hateful。
Huo Rongxuan rubbed his brows,Say him:“Fight with others,Do you think you are still a kid?Besides, you can play,Don’t weigh what you can do。”
Shen Han didn’t want to speak,But I can’t help but speak here:“That was he called a helper!”
Huo Rongxuan asked immediately:“how about you?”
Shen Han refused to speak anymore。He fights with others,Naturally, his friends will not come to help,Don’t say no one can help,There are not many people who even tried to fight。