This is a society that looks at faces,Sora has a talent,Also have a good first impression,To have the opportunity to show。

Dress yourself in a casual dress,It can be said to be raunchy,In a company with many beautiful women,Really offbeat,Although he doesn’t say anything,But I can’t stay the same。
Forget it,Let’s restore the original appearance,Surprise him,And shut up the nympho who chew their tongue behind。
Meatball head open,Silky hair draped over the shoulders,Very elegant and beautiful;I also took off the old glasses that were unsightly,Showing a beautiful face。
Dad went abroad the other day,Brought her back a few more skirts,She can’t always be ignorant?After all, I and Huo Yun are together,Dad’s contribution。
Find a long skirt,Stitched style,The upper body is black lace slim fit,Smoky gray veil below,Lady and charming。
Black strappy high heel sandals,Fashionable fruit color shell bag,Paint another light makeup,A woman with a completely different temperament appeared in the mirror。
So young,So charming,Such a lady.Yangliu himself can’t believe it,Is this still the scruffy female man just now??
She came out fifteen minutes later than before,Huo Yunhe just about to call,I saw a beauty standing in front of my car,Bowed his head blankly,Keep calling。
About to touch the green spot,Suddenly raised his head,Look at the beauty who is turning her head to look at herself,shocked!
It took a long time to recover,Heart beating uncontrollably,He knows his girlfriend is pretty,But such a beautiful dress,Except for that banquet,This is the first time I saw,A little excited。
I planned to take her to the mall to buy some beautiful clothes after get off work,Change her simple dress,I didn’t expect Xiao Nizi to change her clothes herself!
It’s not that he judges people by appearance,I don’t care about Yang Liu’s clothes,But the general manager of a listed company,Girlfriend dressed up like that“Shabby”,People will laugh at yourself for being mean。
Yangliu pretended not to see the surprise in Huo Yunhe’s eyes,Turn around,The long skirt flutters up,Immortal,Pursed lips and smiled,“is it beautiful?”
“……Pretty,beautiful,Yiyi,Are you dressing up for me?”Huo Yun and stepped forward to hug girlfriend’s waist,Put a kiss on her cheek,“You are not allowed to wear short skirts。”