Chile "painted" The future –2020 MAST robot exhibition will visit a small note

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 8 – Title: Chi "painted" The future –2020 MAST robot exhibition will visit a small note Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Minyao and Yue Fumao meeting which show the most popular, service robots certainly have to be considered a thematic exhibition .

  8 am, at the service robot exhibition hall outside the National Convention Center’s visitors crowded.

For families with children, elderly people helped each other, looking for business opportunities businessmen, media capture highlights …… people move forward, to observe with, inquired, for fear miss a fun feast.

  The museum’s robot after a night of rest, just to sleep in waking. Arowana resembles a biomimetic detectors cheerful cruising in the flood pool, several flower spray tail off from time to time, attracted men and women have discussions on the edge "true or false" A child who is standing in the pool, can not wait to explore the little hand into the pool to touch exactly; intelligent robot cooking inside and outside edge of the circle around three to five people, each tempted to open it chubby big head, take a look at what’s actually inside the universe? A manufacturer of medical skeleton design on the outside the company’s booth, gray-haired grandmother whispered his wife children: "we also consider trying?" Around 10:30, venues and people gradually began to rise. 23 located in the southeast corner hall, a 5 m long row brigade has been opened.

Managed to squeeze in a look, turned out to be a Zuozhen "small Chinese medicine."

The long five bionic fingers, shaped like alien AI robot, through traditional Chinese medicine look and smell, disease diagnosis, a prescription and give dietary advice …… seeing in front of a dozen elderly amazed after diagnosis satisfied to leave, then, turn to the one wearing a blue gown, moderate fat, thin, ponytail young girl. People around the curious eyes widened once again, have to probe to see "little Chinese" chest display.

  I saw the robot slowly raised his arm and gently finger resting on the girl’s wrist.

  Suddenly, the crowd emitted a short exclaimed: Slippery Pulse! The crowd a little restless, but also chaotic formation, pushed the whole robot and young girls around want to see what happens. I saw on the screen clearly says "slip pulse. Pulse feature, fluent exchanges shall mean smooth, such as roll-on disk.

The clinical significance, are also more common in women pregnant …… veins.

"An aunt made fast fast language, went closer:" Girl, you’re pregnant? "The young girl, embarrassed, stood up, laughing eyes behind a pair of masks:" quite accurate, three months. "This sudden episode may surprise you is broken, the crowd kept coming:" Congratulations ", it was not God’s children Huanguo Lai" only three months baby, tens of seconds to see out? Real cow! "The most fun thing in the Sun Group staff shout" We put a small robot sister is pregnant! "I once again attracted a burst of laughter.

  Happy people, the wisdom of the robot, vibrant economic vitality in this little robot stadium, everything is so vibrant, everything is so worth the wait, everything is full of hope.

Even if there is the impact of new crown pneumonia epidemic, new technologies and research and development is still strong in the booming conduct, which can not but lament.

Artificial intelligence, digital economy, 5G Internet …… people with the wisdom of creating advanced smart, intelligent letting our lives into better shape. The significance of these new technologies, new formats is not only a single scratch innovation, better able to exert traction on all areas of economic development, promote more excellent upgrade from there to more people see and feel , feeling bonuses get.

  Leave the exhibition end of the tour, go to the next linglongta, think of a mother and son met yesterday to see when the show. "That looks like our future life.

"Out of service trade will be the venue, so my mother told the child. Behind them is the AI robot, 5G communications vehicles, VR intelligent equipment …… it is a" hard farming ‘cloud’, "" strive species’ number ” colorful the wisdom of spring.