And Li Hui is going back to find the old mom who is ruling his own father.。

When he returned,I found that three people have left。
Immediately hurry back to find Xu Ru。
Although Xu Ru said not angry,But what is the case?。
The most important thing is that if Xu Ruzhen is angry, he is more effective.。
Xu Ruzhen’s personality has always been more stronger.,Although it will be gentle in his side,But as long as you are really angry,That is stronger, it is absolutely difficult to control.。
Think about it,He returned to the five floors Liu Xu’s office。
“Who is?”
Willow sweet is crying on the table,Suddenly I heard the knock on the door, I hurriedly wiped tears.。
“Sweet sister,it’s me。”
“Oh,You wait。”
Said that Liu Xu is also rushing to rub the tears,Open the door to Li with the wind。
Open a door,Li Hui Feng saw a crying of red and swollen willows。
I am also distressed in my heart.。
“Sweet sister,I don’t want to wait until you come to me.,I want to tell you now.。”
Speech,Li Hui also put the door belt。
Willow sweetness heard Li Hui Feng,Gently nodded:“Row,Then you said.。”
“Sweet sister,I want to know what you are with Meng Xuan,do you like him?”
Li Hui said that there is some regret when you ask this.。
“I don’t like him, you don’t know.?”
Willow sweetness heard the question of Li Hui Feng,The heart is a pain。
“Sweet sister,That is his wish,Why do you have to stay him??
Is it because he managed high??”
This time,Willow sweet, no more。
But nodded。
“Such a big hotel,Do you feel that I have the ability to manage??
And his management method is really tube,Those who want to think is also what I can’t do.。”
“He is a talent in my eyes.,It is a talent that allows the hotel to thrive.,But I didn’t think he would not understand me so much.。”
“In fact, I have rejected him before.,May be refusing is not very obvious,But I will dare to swear to the sky, I don’t do anything to do.。”
Willow sweetly said this,A pair of big eyes filled with water mist is also staring at Li Hui。