To what extent is the bottom line of a woman’s affair-

What is the bottom line of a woman’s affair?

Now the word about affair has flooded into disaster, and women all over the world seem to be busy with affair.

A man’s affair is an affair, and a woman sometimes wants to turn an affair into a new point of affection.

On one occasion, I chatted with a few young women who had been married for more than four years and talked about marriage and men. The sad man never wanted to spend time with his wife anymore.

  At this time, a woman who was most satisfied with her husband said: Hey, do you want to have an affair?

We listened for a long time and did not return to God, but my heart became itchy all of a sudden.

After all, a woman’s affair has something to do with men in essence. Men’s upper and lower bodies can be viewed separately.

Women must meet a little “feel”.

  This is destined to have more affair than men, their affair has a limit.

And what exactly is the distortion and shift of this floor?

Is it spiritual or physical?

Or something else?

  One of the affair views: love is the biggest limit. I was born in the 1970s, so I do n’t have that much sense of morality, guilt, or anything.

For me, love is the bottom line.

After all, having an affair is not to say that it can be met, it also requires fate.

Otherwise, why touch you and let you ingest it again.

And women are born for love, without love, there is no meaning to live.

  Love is the weakness of a woman. When she first loves, she doesn’t understand anything. How many scenes of killing husbands for adulterers have been passed on to this day.

But can you say that this is not a kind of love (it’s just too extreme), or else what kind of power is there for a little girl who has no chicken hands to wipe her hands?

  In a long marriage, who can guarantee to love only the other one?

A woman with too deep feelings is not suitable for an affair. If she fails, she will cross the limit and cause a bloody incident.

  What I want to say is: Woman, don’t forget to hurt yourself a little while jumping into the sea of affair.

  The second affair view: looking for a subtle fulfillment between the husband and another man. At first I stated that I am not a moral guardian, so for me, the bottom line of an affair is that both parties benefit, and no one is in trouble.
To put it plainly, just don’t expect the other party to divorce, but you can also put pressure on each other.

No matter how you like it.

  I believe that a considerable part of women are having an affair not because they ca n’t live longer (you can get divorced), but because they feel some kind of insufficiency. This may be the same as a man.

The difference is that men have less stringent requirements for external encounters.

A woman can’t. She has to be “eye-catching” to get along with her.

  His own man is also very good, but it is better to be careful before, and there are no more passions. Some are just days. Every day is almost the same, which makes people almost have no desire to talk.

More often, you will feel that he is your own shadow, your hands, feet, living habits are disturbing, the time for making love starts to regularize, and the interval is getting longer and longer.

  At this time, women also began to feel uneasy. At this time, if there is an opposite sex who is interested in themselves and can talk, it is indeed exciting for women.

  Generally speaking, a woman having an affair is a kind of psychological affirmation.

The things that disappeared from her husband were recovered from her lover.

  It’s a delicate balance.

We are all mortals, we all have only one life.

As long as you don’t let the other party in the marriage know, everyone will not be hurt, so there will be no burden, and you will love the people around you.

For women who demand perfection, this cannot be said to be a relative completeness.

  The third affair view: A woman’s affair properly guarantees that there is a smooth road to go home. It is not good to clean up the mess after playing big things.

I have encountered a mentality in which observation is greater than intake.Actually, I am serious.

This kind of feeling is not fun if it is not serious.

  Of course this view only works for rational women.

Both my husband and I have our own lover.

Just knowing it.

Because the life of ten years of marriage is really tired and tired, but it is too expensive to divorce.

Because the son is already a third-grade student.

We all love him.

  In our city, there are some middle-aged couples who are well educated. Some of them are called “wife-for-husband-for-husband”. They think it is safer, but they will not have an affair.

  In my case, I can’t accept this kind of game.

So I chose affair.

He is an engineer I met on the Internet, and his family is also very happy in the usual eyes.

The first time we met, I had a feeling that a story would happen with him.

  Sure enough, our relationship has developed very smoothly, and we have that relationship.

It was a fascinating feeling. We met about once a week, chatting and having sex when the two were relatively busy.

But there must be a convincing reason for the lovers of both sides.

  My husband had an affair two years ago. I don’t know if he knows it. I actually know it.

But he did not diminish his love for me and my son. He should spend money when he was at home and when he was having sex with me, and it was better for us.

So I haven’t asked.

I think his affair is also a respectable asset.

I thought at the time that if I had an affair, he would not have to pursue it properly, because he knew what was going on.

At least until now, he hasn’t treated me a little bad.

  I think when a woman is having an affair, you have to think about it, and you still can’t find your way home.

If you find out, you need to see if you can afford to lose, otherwise, don’t stir the muddy water.

  Now, the world is full of affair men. They always need opponents, and a considerable part of these opponents are married women. The number of women’s affair has continued to increase and change after entering the 21st century.Rich?

But gender and marriage determine the affair of these married women, which often suffers, is a bit hesitant and not thorough enough.

  We don’t need to psychologically judge whether a woman has an affair. Most women have an affair when they are frustrated with their current relationship.

And many of them are not full of such feelings, but always have a nameless blankness to accompany them.

If there are no children, maybe the guilt is not so serious, but if in addition to being a wife, the title of a mother is added, the first thing women think about is whether their children can’t hold their heads up too much.

  Therefore, women who are engaged in an affair, quoted by men, are always not so happy, and even if they are happy, they will not enjoy it as much as men.

A man’s affair is an affair, and a woman sometimes wants to turn an affair into a new point of affection.