And Li Hui’s problem,He has even guess。

“This can’t be said to be abnormal,I can only say your funds into my account.,Then I started the afternoon this afternoon.,Give you those you deserve tomorrow morning.。”
“One billion then give me more than one million?”
Li Hui is interested in the opponent。
From beginning to end,The other party actually did not expose the meaning of the slightest,And what is said, there is a nose.。
Don’t believe it, don’t believe it.。
“Yes,Reassuring contracts, we will also sign,At that time all strips, we will write in the contract.,We will also strictly follow the above,But I hope that Li Boss does not disturb the rules first.。”
“Hey-hey,I am not familiar with you this industry.,How can I get a rule?,Xu Xingchang can really be too seen.。”
Xu Qiang is a kind of fear of Li Hui Feng.,Did not relax vigilance。
He feels that the other person can make so much money.,It should also be wide。
Sometimes a person does not necessarily especially in order to see how wide,But after the money,Seeing that it is easy to know how much。
“Row,That is the boss to prepare for when?”
Xu Qiang also asked Liu Jiashan to ask。
Don’t say a billion,That is to invest tens of millions,They also sent them。
Just thinking of a big amount of a billion,When you run away, I feel that I will run foreign countries.。
“Hey-hey,I can’t say that you should put it.?
We can’t get the contract before making money.?
Didn’t sign your contract?,Put money,Is the two is too anxious??”
Li Hui’s words, the exit of Xu Qiang and Liu Jiashan are also changing.,But good is that the two recover quickly。
“Row,Let’s go back to take the contract.,Li Boss is waiting for me to wait for an hour.,We will come back soon.。”
“Can,Just, I also use this time to turn out the cash in my hand.。”
I listened to Li Hui to turn money.,The two are even more exciting feeling that the heart is jumping.。
“Row,Then let’s get the contract first。”
Looking at the back of the two people,Zhao Xiaoli looked at Li Hui’s Road:“You won’t really pay money.?”
“how come?
I don’t have so much money to do this.,Just let them be happy.。”
Say,Li Hui has directly called Song Ting.。
Then I told this thing.。
Song Ting heard that Li Hui Feng said,It’s also laughing.。
“breeze,Every time you call me, I feel that I will send me my work.,I don’t know how to thank you.。”
“Hey-hey,sister in law,We are not outsiders,If you thank you, you will see it.,You drive directly to take people away.,I know that the opposite appetite is not small.,I said that a hundred million of these two people dare.。”
“Row,Arrive on time after an hour,Guarantee that they can’t run。”