Calcium supplementation


Calcium supplementation

Calcium is used to prevent osteoporosis, but researchers at Wayne University School of Medicine recently said that calcium can be strong, but people may have overlooked the important role of antacids in bone health.

  Wayne University researchers found in the study that among the white descendants of Europe, especially the older white women, although they are the most calcium-supplied group, they have the most osteoporosis.

African Americans even absorb white, generally obese people, but their proportion of osteoporosis is much lower than that of whites.

Further research found that the difference in bone density between different races is mainly due to the function of acid metabolism in the human body. If the acid of the human body cannot effectively restore neutralization, the dissolution of calcium is lost.

The researchers tested 33 athletes and found that people with the most acid output were also the ones with the most stress fractures during training.

  The researchers said that the excretion of calcium and hydrogen ions (acids) in the urine of European American whites is more than that of blacks. Is this the difference between the mineralization of whites and black bones and the incidence of osteoporosis?It is still not certain, but a proposition worth studying.

The researchers also believe that calcium may be a “surrogate marker” for another thing in food, that is, foods containing more calcium may also contain more acid.

This understanding may provide new ideas for doctors to prevent osteoporosis and fractures.

If endogenous metabolic acid production or acid content in foods really affects human bone mineralization, it is necessary to re-examine the current popular nutrition guidelines, that is, people should consider not only the absorption of calories, traces and calcium, but also the amount of calcium.The amount of acid absorbed should be considered.