When Li Tianchou returned to the demolition site, he was surprised to find that the crowd had dispersed,Deserted on the ruins,The forklift that hit half of the wall of Wang Po’s house has also been removed。And the broken wall was blocked by a big urea bag,As if nothing happened。

The only difference is,The neighbors around Wang Po’s house have sporadic lights showing,Someone should have gone home to live。Li Tianchou, see that it’s three o’clock in the morning,May have just ended,Fatty Zhu is obviously unlikely to show up。
The dark ruins make his vision very uncomfortable,Formed a huge difference with the previous chaotic scene。Suddenly he smelled a breath of danger,He secretly said that you can’t stay here for long,At the same time, he gave up the idea of going to Wang Po’s house to take a look,I decided to go to the hospital to pick up the captain and leave。
late at night,The corridor of the hospital is very quiet,The nurse on the duty desk on the floor is dozing off on the table,Li Tianchou slipped into the ward without much effort,But what he never thought was that the captain’s hospital bed was empty。
Li Tianchou quickly checked the entire ward,Including the restroom,And nothing found,And the guy next to the bed has already fallen asleep,The snoring sound shakes the mountain,I’m afraid it’s even impossible to know the situation。
Could this guy sneak out and let the wind go??Li Tianchou didn’t dare to stay longer,The premonition in my heart is obviously bad,He immediately left the ward,Quietly slipped away from the desk。Standing in the elevator,He suddenly gave up the idea of taking the elevator,Can’t tell why,I just subconsciously feel that the trace of danger in the ruins of the demolition of the village in the city is getting stronger and stronger。
Li Tianchou decisively stepped into the stairs of the fire escape,It’s just next level,I heard messy footsteps downstairs。At least six or seven people are climbing up quickly,Who is in such a hurry late at night?He stopped,Stick out your head slightly,Look down through the railing of the stair railing,Can’t help but take a breath,The whole person froze,This state has lasted for half a second。
The people downstairs are all in uniforms,Agile,A police officer headed by a tall stature,I am looking up at the moment,Two people meet with four eyes,I was stunned for an instant。Xiao Yadong!
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty One Weasel farting
“you……stop!”Xiao Yadong pointed up with his hand fiercely,The police officers beside him immediately raised their heads,But the upstairs is empty,See nothing。
Xiao Yadong quickly took out the walkie-talkie to contact the surrounding personnel,And the police officers beside him just stopped for a while, and they speeded up and rushed upward.,Old Xiao’s eyes and commands can’t be wrong。
Li Tianchou has quickly returned to the seventh floor,But my ears are pricked up,Listen carefully to Xiao Yadong’s words on the walkie-talkie,My heart sinks。Several passages to and from the upper and lower floors were all blocked,Even the entrance and exit downstairs was blocked by the police,It seems that Lao Xiao came here prepared this time,And Wu Fang’s reminder is not to catch the wind。
As the opponent’s footsteps get closer,Li Tianchou has no time to think about it,He does not want to have any direct conflict with Xiao Yadong,Avoid it,So I walked and continued to climb upstairs。This process can also buy myself a very limited thinking time。
Old Xiao blocked the podium on the ground floor,The key police force may be placed at the front and rear gates,The side doors on both sides of the podium are closed at night,But with Xiao Yadong’s character and experience,Will not fail to arrange manpower。There is only one emergency channel with a slightly hidden location, and the police force may be weaker,And it’s not closed at night,The key question is how to reach the podium。
The inpatient building is 21 stories high,Li Tianchou climbed to the 16th floor in one breath,Has left the chasers far away。He stopped,Listened to the elevator,He slammed into the floor。He knows that he can’t climb any more,Otherwise, the space to move will become smaller and smaller。