Zhang Zhiqiang went into the village and disappeared,And those walking corpses that have been rigid or swaying around began to gradually gather in the middle of the village,Obviously he is hiding somewhere to cast the spell,This time the walking corpses don’t seem to be targeting Li Tianzhi,But gather together,Like to form a formation。

Now I don’t need Li Tianzhen to let go of his spiritual sense to find,‘Big earthworm’Capture the exact location of Zhang Zhiqiang in one click,In a courtyard less than a hundred meters away on the right hand。
Li Tianzhen rushed over without hesitation,Zhang Zhiqiang’s response was surprisingly fast,After a few moves, I jumped into a yard,Li Tianzhen chased it again,Zhang Zhiqiang changed place again,The two chased Teng Mo in these dozens of courtyards,Faster and faster。
Such an oppressive chase makes Zhang Zhiqiang afraid,His physical strength gradually can’t keep up,A distraction even the spell was forced to interrupt,Make another circle,I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to escape,And Li Tianzhen is chasing more and more fiercely,It’s not as powerful as a single monomer,More of its vigor and vitality,Secretly discussing head-on confrontation is still difficult to beat the opponent,The plan was flawed and I had to flee decisively。
Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly freezes,Slap the forehead,An identical Zhang Zhiqiang split out of his body without warning,Facing Li Tianzhen who was chasing over, he rushed up,Followed by whoosh,Whoosh,Whoosh,Seven more Zhang Zhiqiang appeared in a row,Many avatars swarmed and immediately surrounded Li Tianzhen,And Zhang Zhiqiang’s body continues to run wildly。
These clones are not strong,But no pain,Not afraid of being killed,It’s hard to get entangled,At this time, Li Tianzhen will never have any reservations,I read an obscure sound wave,At the same time,The whole earth is shaking,‘God’s Footprints’break out,The avatars of Zhang Zhiqiang who were entangled around were shaken to the ground.,The most recent five clones of Lily were killed and turned into black smoke to dissipate,The remaining three are struggling crazily,One of the clones hugged Li Tianzhi’s right leg,Open your mouth and bite,Like a beast。
Li Tianzhen punched the top of the clone’s head,Immediately wiped out the deity,At the same time, he made another sound wave in his mouth,Same as obscure as an old monk chanting,The sky suddenly shines,Two bright stars fell rapidly from the sky,The thick beam of light is dazzling,boom,Boom twice,The earth trembled again,Two phantoms of gods who are ten feet tall appear,A full body purple light flow,An orange humanoid flame is burning,Stunning way of appearance,Same as last time。
“Why are you two again?”Li Tianzhen murmured,I’ve seen the majestic and majestic,But the brain is not working,Are there such two god servants in the sky??
“Lord of Seven Flames,Good fate……”Purple God Servant Urn。
“okay,Over there!”Li Tianzheng complained repeatedly,The two are slow,What a chat,Just reach out and point to the black figure fleeing ahead,It is Zhang Zhiqiang,Li Tianzhu’s‘God’s Footprints’Shook him a big somersault,The three souls and seven souls in the body are like being hit by a hammer,Almost broken,Fortunately, there was a clone blocking Li Tianzhi,Otherwise it’s really hard to escape。
Zhang Zhiqiang forcefully mobilizes the devil to stabilize the soul,Struggling to keep running,But I didn’t expect Li Tianzhu’s supernatural powers to continue,The phantom of the gods was also summoned,I know I will be killed,So mobilize magic power to recite the mantra silently,Body shape slowly becomes dim,‘Escape’Is his most effective escape trick。
Shout,A thick and dazzling orange light whizzed,A huge prestige like a dragon walking for nine days,That is a big light and shadow gun that is ten feet long,The orange god hurled straight to Zhang Zhiqiang’s body,The Orange God’s reaction this time is faster than last time,More reliable than the purple god,But unfortunately it’s still a step slower,If it wasn’t for just showing up and thinking about following‘Lord of Seven Flames’say hi,This shot smashed Zhang Zhiqiang into pieces。
Zhang Zhiqiang’s figure disappeared in place,The orange light whizzed past,With a bang, a huge rock in the distance was blown to pieces。
The orange god stayed for a while,Apologetic explanation,Suddenly found that my figure began to blur,A little orange light drifts away,I returned to the God Realm。
“Damn,Look at this fate,Even pot of hot wine……”The purple god is still waiting,But it immediately faded into starlight and dissipated。