Do you have the most ruinous five home cooking?

Do you have the most ruinous five home cooking?

In the nutrition world, there is a popular saying, “There is no unhealthy food, only unhealthy eating.”

Even if there is nutritious food, once it is unreasonably cooked, it is not good or even harmful to health.

Nutrition experts work together to sum up the “most devastating dishes”.

  Grilled fish In the past, grilled fish is one of the popular methods of eating fish.

According to the senior nutrition catering staff, the grilled fish in the restaurant are mainly fried and then fired.

However, frying is the most serious damage to omega-3 fatty acids (an unsaturated fatty acid that is good for cardiovascular health), and carcinogens may also be produced during this process.

Related studies have shown that fried fish, parasitic fish, etc., no longer have no benefit, cardiovascular health, and may even be harmful to health.

  Health Improvement Law: The nutritionist said that the really healthy grilled fish does not contain steamed oil, but is wrapped in tin foil and baked in the oven.

If you don’t have an oven at home, you can build steamed fish.

  Di San Xian is a well-known dish in many families. The three main ingredients are potatoes, eggplant and green pepper. After deep-fried and braised, the taste is soft and fragrant.

The nutritionist pointed out that eggplant, potatoes and green peppers all contain inorganic salts, potassium, but they are lost in large quantities after being fried at high temperatures.

The free radical vitamin P in eggplant has the effect of lowering blood fat. After frying, the eggplant will absorb a lot of oil like a sponge, and almost completely lose the healthy oxide.

In addition, green peppers and potatoes are rich in vitamin C, which is almost lost after frying.

  Health Improvement Law: The dietitian suggested that this dish can be improved to less oil and low salt. It is about to leave the bottom oil in the pot, add water starch after the fragrant garlic slice, season with salt and soy sauce.

Putting potatoes, eggplants and green peppers in order according to the degree of easy-to-cook, not only reduces the transplant of the uncle, but also ensures the loss of nutrients.

  The yolk squash pumpkin is soft and fragrant, and is popular with many people.

However, the nutritionist pointed out that when cooking this dish, the salted egg yolk needs to be fried in oil for half a minute to one minute in advance, so that the egg yolk becomes soft and smooth, and the aroma is more intense.

As a result, the vitamins in the egg yolk are largely lost, and the cholesterol therein is easily oxidized at the high temperature in the bottom of the pan and in the air to form an oxide oxidation product.

Studies have found that cholesterol oxidation products can cause damage to human blood vessels and cause arteriosclerosis.

In addition, the pumpkin in the dish needs to be fried at a high temperature to achieve the outer crispy and tender, but after high-temperature steaming, the nutrients such as carotenoids in the pumpkin will be lost a lot.

  Health Improvement Law: The nutritionist suggested that the salted egg yolk should be chopped first, then put in a small bowl and then simmered with onion, ginger, water and Huadiao wine, and then separated from the air, steamed on the drawer for 10 minutes, then burned with its juice.On the pumpkin, add the crushed salted egg yolk to the flavor one minute before sifting out the pot, and thicken the juice.

  The dried Bean Bean Nutritionist pointed out that dried Bean Bean is one of the representative dishes of Sichuan cuisine, but the disadvantage is that it uses too much oil. To make this dish, you need to use oil to fry the Beanskin to a “tiger skin” shape.

In addition to the series in excess of the standard, the loss of B vitamins, vitamin C and other vitamins, there may be a safety risk.

Because when fried, the beans may be exposed to the outside, not thoroughly cooked, and the cyanide contained in them may not be volatilized when cooked at high temperatures, which may cause food poisoning.

  Health Improvement Law: The improved method proposed by the nutritionist is to remove the beans, remove them, and heat them in a microwave oven.

5 minutes, take out the beans and fry, the effect of dryness is the same, add a small amount of oil, stir fry with onion, ginger, minced meat, shrimp, rice, and mustard, until the juice is dry.

This makes it possible to make dried beans with less oil and more nutrients.

  Spicy potato silk nutritionist said that when the chef cooks the spicy potato silk, the potatoes are usually cut into silk, and the starch is washed with water, dried, and then poured into 200 ° C hot oil to be fried.Golden crispy, then put the base oil and stir fry.

The cut potato silk is brewed by water, and the nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and magnesium are lost a lot, and after being fried at a high temperature, the residual nutrients are little left.

And after experiencing frying, each potato is covered with grease, and the dish becomes a transformed “bomb.”

In addition, if the fluorine-rich potato is too fine, it will produce a large amount of titanium amide when it is fried at high temperature, which is an internationally recognized carcinogen.

  Health Improvement Law: Nutritionists recommend that the health value of steamed potatoes without oil and salt is higher. If white rice is replaced as a staple food, it will be beneficial to improve nutrition and control blood pressure.