“Advertising endorsement?”suddenly,Guo Yinzhe, who has been dormant for a long time:“As a member of our club,Also a sponsor of the e-sports club,I think I should get the naming rights of the team for granted……”

“What do you mean?”Zhang Song asked。
“Better call‘Straw Hats’Bar?For me‘Straw Hat Flower Shop’Endorsement!”Guo Yinzhe proposed。
“Are you sure you will not be treated by others‘Straw bag’Team、‘Fool’Team?No more,I’m gonna die……Whoops!”Anna Cao smiled and moved her ankle in a cast。
“‘Straw Hat Flower Shop’?Not as good as……Let’s call‘Flower team’Bar!”at last,The Shunzi who just finished the project from the library is online,Proposed new opinions。
“Is it Anna a flower,The rest of us mean grass?”Feng Xichuan asked。
“School flowers,School grass,the meaning of!At the same time, it also contains the artistic conception of a flower shop。”Shunzi explained。
Several people in the ward looked towards Guo Yinzhe。Guo Yinzhe sorted out his top hat:“I have no opinion。”
“No comment!”
“Agree with!”
“Nice name!If this game we can be an instant hit,It will definitely attract a big wave of girls next year!”
“It turns out that you are engaged in e-sports to attract big girls?”Cao Anna asked。
“how can that be possible?!I, Feng, used a personality guarantee,Our ideals are very pure,Is out of low-level taste。”Feng Xichuan said,While smiling Mimi’s dead house smile。
“I believe in your evil!”Zhang Songdao。
“All right,All right!Since everyone agrees,From now on, our high-tech e-sports team will be called‘Flower team’Up!”Feng Xichuan announced。