“I was arranged to learn the introductory skills of magical powers with my uncle brother,The person who teaches supernatural powers is Fu Wenli,The power he showed at that time,Let us be astonished,Listen to your grandpa,He is the oldest‘Tianzhenwei’,Contributed to Zhang Family,It’s just that I don’t know where he learned this supernatural power。”

“After the introductory procedure, you can choose your own exercises,By different‘Tianzhenwei’Pointing a year,After that, they practiced independently,Future achievements are all about personal understanding。Our uncle brothers,The most savvy is your third uncle Zhang Huagen,Next is your seventh uncle Zhang Baogen,The remaining,Including me, are mediocre,Achievement is so-so。”
“Promise my grandpa,Did you help him win the position of patriarch??”Zhang Zhiqiang asked。
“Not only,There are a lot more。”
Chapter VIII Void Free
“Look now,How naive my thoughts were,The devil brought you back again,Still can’t escape the filthy muddy waters of Zhang Family。”
Zhang Zhiqiang is speechless,The back of my hand accidentally hit a hard object in my arms,That’s Zhang’s token,Is also the main purpose of coming back this time,Zhang Mugen is obviously a very contradictory person,It seems that the key to the problem was solved very early,But still can’t give up,That made the situation today。
But what upset Zhang Zhiqiang is,Father still has many things to hide,Have reached this point,I don’t know what he thinks,In that case,He also has a lot of things hidden in his heart not to say,The water in this house is not only muddy,But it was so dark。
The two of you have nothing to say next,But soon thought of the same thing,Is the puppet in the east house,If Li Tianzhi can’t come back,,Must be destroyed by the clan,This puppet can’t make others cheap,But how to get it away is a big headache,This thing seems to admit birth,Don’t know how to control,Zhang Mugen wanted to wait until his vitality recovered,Communicate with God,Always come up with some clues,And then slowly explore。
Zhang Zhiqiang is dreaming of an ambitious dream,He was thinking about wrapping this thing tightly in a cover,Then pack it away,Go to the west and look for a trusted archmage,I really can’t tie a few electrical and mechanical engineers,See if you can take it apart and study what it is,If you can crack the core things,Not only is it equivalent to finding a means of control,And it can also be copied in batches,It will be terrible by then。
The magicians in the west form another system,They use the altar to summon monsters to fight,But I have never seen a puppet resembling a machine,This thing is made like a real person,Can change the size,It’s incredible。
When daybreak,Li Tianzhen is back,Both are pleasantly surprised,Disappointed again,A look of gains and losses,Seeing that the envoy was speechless。
Li Tianzhen was surprised at the desperate appearance of Zhang and his son,After receiving the puppet,Sweep the situation in the hospital,I guessed it。
“Is the envoy okay??”Zhang Mugen finally recovered。
“Nothing serious,After Father Zhang heard that I am a preacher,Disgust,I walked away without saying a word。”
“what?”Zhang Mugen was surprised,Although I know that Zhang Changting is very disgusted with the Cult of Creation,Li Tianzhen must not be pleased,I didn’t expect to let him go so easily。