Wrinkles reveal your body’s degeneration

Wrinkles reveal your body’s degeneration

Wrinkles have creepy up on your face when you don’t care.

You can pay attention to the wrinkles on everyone around you. You can find out the personality and health of this person. You can observe your wrinkles in the mirror and understand that you should pay special attention to part of your body.


A curved “smile pattern” appears around the eyes of the optimist. This wrinkle is a disease in which the connective tissue in the muscle is weak and the hearing may be degraded. Such a person may have hemorrhoids.


Half-moon wrinkles appear under the eyes, which are signs of kidney, bladder and heart disease.


Many cruciform wrinkles appear on the bridge of the nose, and the possibility of severe distortion of the spine or kidney is not ruled out. The spine of the person with such wrinkles usually deforms.


There are wrinkles on the forehead on the bridge of the nose, indicating that this person is probably the brain labor that often needs to think hard. People with such wrinkles are prone to headaches.


If the right face is deeper than the wrinkles on the left face, it is probably not good for the liver.


If the wrinkles on the forehead are inconsistent and wavy, such a person will soon have a restless condition, may have pain in the spirit, and may suffer from depression.


If a person has obvious cross-shaped continuous wrinkles on the forehead next to the bridge of the nose, we are faced with a very powerful person, such a person rarely gets sick.


If the long wrinkles appearing from the nose to the lips are diagonal, your heart may not be good.


If a sickle-shaped wrinkle appears on the cheekbones, there may be a disease on the foot.


The “cat-claw” wrinkles under the chin indicate that the sub-layer of the subcutaneous is destroyed.


The tip side is slanted, but the low and short wrinkles indicate that the person lacks a sense of humor and is sick in the stomach.


Small wrinkles in the corners of the mouth are characteristic of arrogance and stomach problems.


The top of the mouth and the wrinkles under the nose indicate that this person may stick to the rules and is not friendly to people. This is an indicator of weak hormone activity.


If wrinkles appear between the chin and the lower lip, there may be acne.