Talk about it,He lifted his leg and walked towards everyone。

Don’t know,Red beard just took a step,Twist the thick waist,Turned around and took a step backward,Step back,Happened to be back in place。
Suddenly,Red beard’s face changed a lot,Muttered:“This,This is impossible!I,I can’t seem to control my legs!”
“Look at his waist!”Zhang Qingtong shouted again。
Everyone’s heart is stunned,They all cast their eyes on Red Beard’s waist,I saw the part of his waist exposed outside of his shirt,I don’t know when it turned pale,The same color as the flesh and blood on that lizard,The bloodless color,It’s so infiltrating。
At this moment,Wang Ma suddenly changed his face,Take out a peculiar gun from the waist,A bang shot behind Red Beard。
This gun is very powerful,The sound is deafening,It’s a handgun。
I didn’t expect Wang Ma to look gentle and gentle,The guns made are so violent,Just the terrible recoil of that gun,It’s not something ordinary people can play。
Gunshot,Red beard startled,But he stayed in place motionless。
It’s not that he doesn’t want to dodge,But he discovered,I don’t feel anymore below my waist,I want to avoid,The body does not cooperate。
Fortunately, this shot did not hit Red Beard,But hit the body of the giant lizard behind him。
His marksmanship is accurate,It happened to hit the spot where Red Beard cut the meat with a flame knife,Because there is no protection from scales,The bullet easily penetrated into the body of the lizard,And deep-fried the flesh and blood at that location into a blur。
Everyone didn’t know why Wang Ma shot,But then I saw a shocking scene。
The location bombed by Wang Ma,From a bloody,Suddenly a lot of flesh-colored bugs emerged,Densely packed。
This bug is only as thick as a toothpick,Slightly shorter than chopsticks,Except the head is red,All flesh-colored,Entangled and twisted,Looks really disgusting。
Red beard also saw these disgusting bugs,His face suddenly changed,But his body is walking towards those bugs step by step。