of course,If the qualifications are not good enough, the school will refuse to enroll。After all these years,It’s not that the acquired martial artist will be able to reach the threshold of the monk if he wants to practice.。If you can’t even sense the breath,Actually, there is no need to cultivate。

so,The number of pre-selected classes cannot exceed 500。Even a group of people will be sent back every year。Because the school will make an assessment,Selection of talents,Even the kind of people who eat and wait to die。
The student dormitory of the Qijin class can basically be divided into a room of about ten square meters.。After all, their age actually has privacy or something。
As for the pre-selection class, the treatment is not so good。Basically, there will be three or four people in a room,I actually feel a bit crowded。But since this is the Antarctic zone,It’s a good idea to have such a residence。But for the qualifier group“Proud Son of Heaven”It’s hard to accept。After all, most of them are actually second-generation children,Even have titles such as titles。
But where is the school?Too arrogant and was sent back directly。
Of course these are just anecdotes,Although Qin Feng finds it interesting,But I don’t know。
Qin Feng also received some textbooks and other items that day。Till this moment,Qin Feng knew that there were some ancient medicinal materials in this world,Or it’s a medicinal material with some spiritual power。This is far from what I have learned.!
But those so-called genius treasures,Seems to share difference。
“Artificially cultivated ice ling grass?What the hell?”Till this moment,Qin Feng knew that there were artificial spirit grasses cultivated in the college.。
This is kind of magic,Qin Feng even gave birth to want to visit that cultivation medicine garden。But I just read the brochure,This kind of thing is forbidden。
Although according to the selection in the college,Character occupies a more important part。But it’s hard to guarantee that they can maintain sufficient sense when these cultivation necessities are in front of them.。
To know,Human nature,Really fragile。Once challenge him,Basically, even a saint may not be able to hold it。So,The college doesn’t do such things。Even if it’s an annual ration,It’s not distributed within a day,There will be a batch。
Even,The once-a-year ration may also happen to be bullied by classmates and then taken away。
Allow fair competition within the school,But you can’t do it inside the school。Can be regarded as the existence of a safe area。Unless you have a way to get the family out of the school,And snatch it from him,There is nothing to say about this kind of thing。
Can’t hold things because of insufficient strength,Then let the stronger people use it!
It’s just that Qin Feng is a newcomer after all,So naturally I don’t understand these so-called rules。
Just after he scanned various related materials,His door was knocked。
Qin Feng was a little surprised,After all, his first
Come to college one day,There is no one you know here。So who will find it?