Chengfa in the last life,Relying on the cooperation with Runhua Group on motorcycle projects, it is extremely moisturized,This life,Chengfa is eyeing his motorcycle again?Really……

I should say“Fate!”Still should say“Really himMLingering!”?
But think about it,It doesn’t seem surprising that Chengfa Factory is eyeing the motorcycle project in its hands.,on the one hand,Made a turn around the bow in the center、After the development policy with economic construction as the core,Soon determined“The army must be patient”Strategy,The entire army and military-industrial system was suffering all of a sudden,As the domestic aero engine manufacturer second only to Liming Plant,Chengfa Factory is naturally the most affected,Although just now1982year,But because of the sharp drop in orders from the military,The whole life in Chengfa Factory has been extremely sad,at this time,Chengfa Factory is eyeing Chang’an, which is also a military enterprise like itself,It’s not difficult to understand。
Look at the Chang’an Chang, who is not far away from him, and the ditch is filled with the cooperation with Yankee on motorcycles、Glossy,It’s like a fart is oily crotch,You said Chengfa Factory is envious or not?Jealous not jealous?
As the saying goes,Car ahead、Fall behind,Watching the Changan factory make a lot of money on the motorcycles that cooperated with Chen Geng,Chengfa Factory naturally wants to follow the motorcycle project almost without thinking.……Again,Chengfa Factory,Thousands of mouths,Waiting for dinner,In the absence of military orders,The leaders of Chengfa Factory can only use their subjective initiative to figure out their own solutions,at this time,Learning with peers is almost the safest、And the safest solution。
Pat your head,Chen Geng looked at Meng Haibo helplessly:“I understand what you mean……”
Meng Haibo Yixi,I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly,Hurriedly stood up and bowed to Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,Thank you!Thank you for your helping hand to our Chengfa Factory at this critical moment……”
“You wait……”
It took Chen Geng a moment to realize what Meng Haibo said.,Hurriedly stop him:“When did i promise you?”
Meng Haibo who was bowing blinked,I haven’t reacted for a long time,Those innocent little eyes accurately express what they mean:Didn’t you agree??
Chen Geng shrugged:Of course I didn’t promise!
Kelly·Hicks,Speaking of awkward Chinese and stood up:“This gentleman,We know your mood very well,But on the one hand,We don’t understand your business,on the other hand,Not sure if there are political risks in working with you,and so,We need to conduct a strict and comprehensive review of your company and the possible cooperation、Comprehensive evaluation,In order to decide whether to proceed with the next negotiation。”
Meng Haibo’s mind turned for a long time before he came to understand the meaning of this beautiful American girl.:You think about it too simple!