Chongqing cancels small low-risk construction project construction drawing design document review

  Xinhuanet Chongqing November 17th (Han Menglin) Recently, Chongqing Housing Urban-Rural Development Committee issued news, in order to continue to optimize business environment, in-depth development of engineering construction project examination and approval system reform, Chongqing’s social investment small low-risk construction project (hereinafter referred to as " Small low project ") Construction drawing design file management is optimized.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the housing urban and rural construction committee of Chongqing, small low-key projects refer to the project area of ??11,000 square meters, the building height is not more than 24 meters, does not involve the new construction of flammable, explosive, poisonous, harmful items or dangerous goods, Reconstruction, expand industrial project, warehousing project (including supporting room).

  This optimization includes canceling a small low-low project construction drawing design document review (except for high HD, deep base pit, high filler), construction drawing review certificate and review of qualified construction drawing design documents, no longer use construction The pre-condition for approval procedures.

In accordance with the construction license, the construction drawing design document preparation, construction unit, design unit, design unit, and design unit, the construction unit, design unit, the main body responsibility of the construction drawing design document, the construction unit, design unit. At the same time, Chongqing also implemented the quality of the small low project construction drawing design document quality.

The competent department of housing urban and rural construction in various districts should complete quality inspection within 5 working days after receiving the construction drawing design documents.

Construction drawing design document quality inspection should entrust the qualification requirements for construction drawing review institutions, and the required funds are included in the annual budget of all districts.

  The construction map review institution of the entrusted construction should be completed in accordance with the current engineering construction technology standards and relevant management regulations, and submit quality inspection opinions to the district and county housing urban and rural construction, and the inspection opinion is responsible. The inspection is not qualified. The competent department of housing urban construction in various districts and urban and rural construction will check the timely feedback unit, and the project shall order the construction unit to stop construction according to law, and rectify within a limited time. After the construction unit completes the rectification and obtains the qualified inspection, it can be reopened.

Will be recorded in the construction unit and design units of bad credit information. In addition, Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee has further optimized the engineering survey service of small low-projections.

Now the construction unit does not need to obtain the project survey report, which is actively carried out the engineering survey of free service by the competent department of housing urban and rural construction, and will be uploaded to the "快" platform, and the construction unit must only be log in. " "The Quick Office" small low project approval dedicated entrance, you can query the download.