“Have you forgotten?Chairman Fang is the curator of the museum,He is good to Brother Hu。”

Comrade Hu did not go to other things,Also came to the hospital to visit。
“do not worry,Wasn’t it all arranged yesterday??The hospital must make the best plan。”Lao Hu comforts Chen Haifeng。
Aunt Chen and others are also worried,It’s not a minor operation after all,A small mistake,All horrible。
Before surgery,Two little guys are pushed into the operating room,Xiao Hao’s mother was so heartbroken,Populus is very worried,But don’t know how to comfort。
This kind of thing,It’s hard for others to comfort。
But after her husband took the balance just now,Never see people again,To my son,I don’t care at all!
Populus did not know,The two couples have been divorced in a flash。
More than two million,This aunt only got 200,000 alms.。If he knew,Will definitely help。Maybe this aunt doesn’t care how much money,I even think it’s my son’s life money,Not like sticking hands。But it should be hers,Should get,Shouldn’t give to the heartless。
Xiaoxin’s mother just hugged her head,Make her cry。
in fact,She discussed with her husband Chen Haifeng,If the operation goes well,Wait for Xiaoxin to recover,Let the little guy recognize godmother。
“Please doctors,If the operation is successful,Must offer a big gift。”Hu Yang told the chief surgeon and others。