Chen Xuanzhao heard the heart is quite not a taste.,I want to accept but I don’t dare to accept,Adhere to your life, to fight for big love,There is no time to become a small love,Decided that silence is gold,Use time to make a small enthusiasm。

Segment small small mouth,I grabbed Chen Xuanzhao,Quickly walk in a narrow rugged mountain road,But I will climb the top of the mountain for a while.,Come to a full-scale temple。
More than four sides,No roof,Is the preferred place of Higher People’s World。
If there is a monk here,Don’t want to think,Sustsence is undoubtedly。
There is no mistake in the temple,Chen Xuanzhen did not find a high person,I didn’t find a Buddha statue of more than a thousand feet.,Frowning
After a moment,He realizes。
“really,Was defrauded by the family.!”
at the same time,Liao Jie and others stand in a lotus blocker,Look at the monkey、Honored,I also looked at the Tang Tang Tibet.:“as far as I know,This world’s monkeys are extremely ferocious,When the year is big,Handheld two watermelon knives,From Nan Tianmen, I have been chopping Penglai East Road,I didn’t blink my eyes.,Who is interested in communicating with him?。”
“I come。”
Monkey shakes a change,Normal form,Eye light flashing,Not satisfactory:“About the big martyrdom,I am still too young.,I want to exchange experience with him.,Confirm several doubts。”
Liao Jie shrugged,Lake a monkey。
Waiting for a burst of noise,Two very different,But the tragic color is full of sound lines.。
“youTMBe a stupid,How does it take the initiative??”
“ITMHow do you know that it is also useful to me?,And I am kicked by people.!”
The monkey is not coming.,Now there is two。
Chapter 591 Injury is very insult
Cave,Two monkeys,A other party mind,A other party is extinguishing。
Hardup in the mouth, half a catty,No one can win each other,战 upgrade fist,Hold into a group of mutual bite。
Also because of the seal,Two monkeys, but everything is quiet,I will recruit the pain of the flesh.,So it strongly controls yourself,Playing is quite a feature of monkey itself,There must be peaches in the three tricks。
Hole,Liao Wenjie bowed down,Looking at the two monkeys rolling,Everything is speechless,What evaluation does not know?。
Zi Xia:curious,How many monkeys can be plugged in this cave?
Honored:Refuse,Kill,He is absolutely not to be such a monkey!
Tang San Tibet:Happy,Two pre-evil is double happiness。
Liao Wenjie:horrible,Is this a spiritual stone monkey that is naturally expressed?,I don’t know if I thought it was a monkey.!
Think of this,Liao Wenjie is in the back of the respect,Also added a monkey pressure。
Dead in the cave,Two monkeys,Or speak two and a half monkete,Keep the three-legged position。
With a banana dropped,Cave in the cave into a pot of porridge,Still is the previous routine,Before the first,Three sentences are not from the other,Three tricks from the other son grandson。
Hit,To Zunbao finds that he is the highest in the hole,Two monkeys are invisible to seal,His words,It is completely limited to the strength of the first-class master of the rivers and lakes.。
That’s a fear.。
Supreme treasure nostrils spurt two groups of heat,Pressure two monkeys win banana,Swallow after peeling。
“What look,Didn’t you read the handsome guy whiten net and short hair??”
“Gleel your tasting,Angry、No hair on the head、Foot splas、Take a bath……I have to sin, I have to pull me with water.,I am unfavorable in the year,Recently, in addition to unlucky, it is more unlucky.。”
Supreme treasure full of grief,It’s not addiction,Put the sleeves chasing two monkeys pain,Leverage the resentment of monkeys,While complaining with the fate to his injustice。
Two monkeys were chased with a full wall,Take a little close to the hole,It is 拽 被 蔓 蔓,Pick up all over Mars,Wow, wow, wow。
“Don’t say,I really didn’t think about this kind of development.,Quite lively。”