“The appearance is nothing but the appearance of a skin,Cultivators cling to this,Ridiculous。”Woman’s voice is extremely cold,Like nature,Extremely ruthless、Extremely tranquil。

Women say stop,Take off the black cap with your left hand,And pull off the towel,Show the true colors。
In the night wind,A bunch of long hair flying like a waterfall,Like a jade face,Engraved with the most soft and beautiful facial features in the world,I can see a seven-point heroine in the indifferent expression、Three points lonely and arrogant,The tight lips are dotted with bloody carmine,And the lip of the bow-shaped upper lip reveals a hint of unintentional charm。
Zhao Feng in the dark was dumbfounded,The woman not far away is so beautiful,He didn’t even dare to compare her with other first-line female stars in his heart,I am afraid that this kind of thought will tarnish the ultimate beauty of this scene。
“Casual cultivator is an alien not recognized by the cultivating circle,To survive,Can only survive humblely in the cracks……”
“Ninety-nine percent of the cultivation resources in this world are controlled by the cultivation circle,If just to survive,I can’t see the true meaning of Immortal Dao in my whole life,For a deeper level of immortality,There is only one way to kill each other,And i kill you,Just because you are like me,It’s a casual repair without background。”Women say stop,Throw out the silver moon curved blade with your right hand。
Man with left arm isolated,At this moment both arms are lost,80% effort,Finally can’t hold it,Kneel down,Knowing that there is no way to reverse the situation,Unwilling:“I, Tang Tianlong, as the only descendant of a generation of Valkyrie,Actually in such a place,Died in the hands of a woman……The funny thing is,before this,I pretend to believe that this woman has good feelings for me……I can not be reconciled……I’m not reconciled!!”
Tang Tianlong keeps trying to mobilize his strength,however,The martial arts that used to do whatever they want, but they are not scheduled at all,In fact,Even if he can call Wu Jin at this time,With only 20% of their strength,Can’t reverse the situation。
“No need to make senseless resistance,The Qi Jin in your body is affected by my special Qi Replenishing Pill,Even if you are not in the state of adjusting your breath,Can also quickly recover on its own,But it’s also subject to the power of medicine,Before the medicine is completely digested by your body,You can’t mobilize your energy。”The woman sensed Tang Tianlong’s intentions,Shook his head immediately,Simultaneously,Recall Silvermoon Blade,While talking,While secretly condensing the aura needed for the third attack。
Although Tang Tianlong at this time is already a candle in the wind,But the woman still doesn’t want to risk getting close,Cultivators have their own means of life-saving,Once you relax your guard,Will give the other party a chance to escape,Even killed by the opponent。
“You poisoned me from the beginning, right??You are really cautious……”Tang Tianlong gasped,Sarcastically,Quickly think about the way to escape in my mind。
“wrong,I never make drugs,Reasonable use of medicinal power,Can also achieve the effect of poison,Even more perfect than poison……In fact,If it weren’t for the discovery of the grave this time,,I didn’t mean to kill you。”
“I can see that you have just entered the casual training circle,Although talented,But with a sincere heart,This is also rare in casual repair circles,If you use it slightly,It can be cultivated as a great help……But your talent is scary,For unable to control the chess pieces,Should give up as soon as possible……right now,it’s time……”
“and also,I am not a dream,My name——Qi Xian’er,With the truth,Look at it。”Qi Xian’er threw the silver moon curved blade for the third time,The moment when the weapon is released,She knew that Tang Tianlong had no life,At this moment,Mouth up,There was a smile that was all over the country for a moment,Like flowers blooming,Coquettish,Only death。
Tang Tianlong wanted to stand up and resist at the last minute,But the moment I saw Qi Xian’er smile,No matter how hard it can be,It seems that smile,Has filled the vacancy of his life……
A little bit of carmine,Dreaming through the Yellow Springs!