The old city is in the "old as old"

  The citizens strolled on the streets of the cultural atmosphere in the Temple area. [How to listen to the masses] "郫 郫, 县, Peng County, Chongqing County, Xinfu County …" Wenjiang District Wenjiang District Road, the bustling crossroads, a shallow-fired map of the courtyard Attracting the past pedestrians stopping. "Xinwenjiang" – Hu Yusheng, who has just been working in Wenjiang from Peking University, is watching this map on the side of the road.

  "Recent weekends, I have time to go to Wenjiang’s old town, I want to understand and become familiar with this place. When I passed here, I was attracted by this map.

I noticed that the center of this map is Wenjiang. What is going on? "Hu Yusheng asked the reporter.

  Wenjiang District Regional Culture Experts, Zhao La, Director Zhao, the Wenjiang District, and Zhao Lu, answered the question of Hu Yucheng, the road to the Wenjiang Regional Administrative Office, in 1983, "Wenjiang Region", here, there has been a political and economic culture in Sichuan, China center of. During the renovation process of the Agency Court, this historical and cultural elements were excavated, and this map reproduced the "Wenjiang Region" in the 12 counties under the Kuanxi 12 counties under the jurisdiction. "Not only the foreign tourists are surprised, we stayed here for more than 20 years, and I don’t know this history." Local resident Ling Sheng said, "If it is not excavated during this retrofino, this history It will be far farther and farther away from us. Live here, but don’t know its past, it is also a regret.

"" Contains 2 allights, 5 residents, 3 units, covers an area of ??about 23,000 square meters, and the transformation of the Agency Court is a big project. Liu Jihong, secretary of the Party Committee of the East Street Community, said that after three years before and after the renovation of the Same Department, the time of the old velvet installed the elevator, "in the Qing Dynasty, the position of the department is the county The location of the Tuen Mun, plus the later decades as the Wenjiang Regional Administrative Office, and there is a heavy historical culture.

"Liu Jihong said, therefore, how to implant the historical and cultural genes in the city’s organic update, become the key issue in the transformation of the Agency Court. Liu Jihong chose to help the people who have a full belly history, Zhao Du is one of them.

Talk again and again, visited once, and the "Viewing History" working group of Zhao Lutong as a leader was played an important role in the transformation. By looking for history books, looking for old residents who have lived here, now they have moved to him, listening to them, "Light, I have remembered several big books."

Liu Jihong said.

  "In 1967, I graduated from the Yixian Water Conservancy School and was allocated to the Wenjiang Regional People’s Printing Factory. At that time, it was often to do things in the regional department." Zhao Lu said. Standing outside the department of the department, Zhao Lei recalled, "Here is the gate of Wenjiang District at the time, there is a large archive, come in a five-six-layer building, all departments are here. It is very big. Dam (square), very lively.

"Zhao Lutong told reporters that Wenjiang peacefully liberated on December 26, 1949, is in this square, the top of Wenjiang, the first five-star red flag." There is also a gene of red history. In the process of urban update, this Wenjiang history The epoch-making events are shown through the form of walls.

"[True Country] Mining urban cultural relics and the renovation of the hospital complement and the department of the department are the Wenjiangwen Temple.

  At the moment, the ginkgo in the front of Wenjiang Wencai is yellow, and the colorful star of the stars are lined with yellow leaves, and it is beautiful to look at the blue sky. Wen Temple is the core zone of Wenjiang Old Town, which is also carried with the core of Wenjiang’s history and Wenjiang memory.

Around the Temple, surrounded by hundreds like the old courtyards like the Agency Agency.

"In recent years, we have conducted multiple urban update projects in the Wenmiao District.

Chen Jie, a staff member of the Urban Upgrade Department of Wenjiang District, which. Junctionalway, who has just completed the transformation in 2020 is one of them.

Entering the union lane, the foot is a green slate, the sausage shop, tailor shop, tofu square, white wine shop is hanging on the antique signboard, the copper relief on the wall restores the breakfast stall, the teahouse, etc. Looking for a fireworks, the city is well, it is right.

"Not only the road, drainage, the courtyard environment is well remedied, but also the historical and cultural history of the united lanes has been reproduced.

"The Lang Zhengjiang old man who lives in Jiejie Lane, said that" especially good, look at it, let people see the days of the past. " "Compared with the group, I have a historical and cultural connotation. Under Chen Jie’s leadership, the reporter came to the Family Hospital of the Water Conservancy. The first is actually an epigrandic gallery. Bridge, several elderly people and children are playing in the bridge. "Here is the remains of hot spring pool.

"Chen Jie introduced that this is the place where Yunxi and Fengxi two rivers, because the water temperature is different, so" Hot Spring Pool ", in the hot spring pool park, I also built a Su Nangqi Bridge.

"At the same time as the House of Water Resources, we will move into the repair of the Shu Caqi Bridge in the hot spring pool park.

Chen Jie said that, at present, the reform of the Housing Department of the Water Conservancy is in progress. After the transformation of the infrastructure, the cultural elements of the relics of the Spring Tan Park, Su Nenchard Bridge will be implanted into each building of the courtyard. Among them, the two have complemented.

  [How to do it in the future] In the Wenjiang Temple District, the overall organic update work "Wen Jiang charm, Wen Jiang taste, Wenjiang memory in the old city. In recent years, in the process of urban renewal, the old hometown of the civilians is transformed, Dig and reproduce historical culture. The problem now is that the depth and breadth of the excavation are not enough, and the points of these cities are subject to scattered, and there is no system association between each other.

Next, Wenjiang District will spend vigorous, deeply dig historical culture, starting the overall organic update work in the square area. "The relevant person in charge of Wenjiang District said.

  "Culture needs activation and utilization to highlight the genes and infiltration effects of culture, in order to achieve cultural people, in Wenli City, to guide the heart to guide the heart with emotional return and spirit.

"The person in charge introduced that Wenjiang District has now established the Organic Update Work Leading Group in Wenmiao, and the district-level leaders organized all units and design companies, in the Wenmiao, the old city wall, and the social lane, etc. And special research, clear update scope, find out resources such as historical culture, land space, and building rights, and explore the development model of Wenmiao District, advanced experience in the standard.

  At present, Wenjiang District invites multiple units to participate in the organic renewal plan bidding in Wenmiao area in the country, and is forming high quality planning programs. The relevant person in charge told reporters: Next, it will continue to optimize the urban renewal planning plan of Wenmiao District, highlight the cultural heritage and urban quality of the Temple, deeply dig historical and cultural, and the local human condition, in-depth study of ancient and modern evolutions, serving the current economic construction and culture Construction, organize the "spread" resources, open up the city culture, find the return of people’s emotions, and achieve industrial value. "We will promote urban renewal, comprehensively consolidate urban development and public interests, build project cultural value systems, create project cultural value systems, build, spatial optimization, business improvement, activity implantation, etc. to create historical and cultural business themes, Do your industry, and achieve sustainable development of industries while importing consumer groups.

"The person in charge said.

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