After all, the meeting,To say that there is no relationship with the above,She is not believed。

If you are guilty in the meeting,It is very likely to face another situation.。
When the police came,She is also asking other people by the police.,Directly。
Even night only with only money, I took the taxi.。
When I returned to Pony Village,She is a little lost,Even feeling your own youth,Since so many years, efforts are all working.。
Finally, I still have a venue in two empty days.。
Even her also found that although it is capital,But it is also a cost of crime。
Although she said with her father, my mother said, I will go out again.,But her heart is already no longer wanting to go.,There is a place where people do not spit their bones。
Although there are more opportunities,But the darkness is also more。
After this time,She has even understood,Really rich people want to marry the daughter-in-law is more than the value,There is also a more important identity background,Doctor。
Simple and beautiful,No matter,That is just a play of money.。
She even thinks about it to find a small clothing store in her hometown.。
Originally, her hundreds of thousands of people have been going back to the clothing store.,Finally, it is a lower one.。
I think that she feels uncomfortable.。
Uncomfortable is not only in the heart,More is the kind of spiritual tired。
Yu Xiaoguang,I saw my girlfriend standing in the yard and looking at the spring flowers on the wall.。
“Hairie,What to stay??”
“what!no,I just feel fresh here.,Come out to breathe fresh air。”
I heard this,Laughing in Xiaoguang:“Hairie,Discuss with you?”
What’s the matter?”
“Hey-hey,You see that you are not old.,Twenty-two this year,In accordance with our situation here,Also a big girl,Also get married” I heard Xiaoguang this,Yu Meng Meng understood what happened.。
“dad,Do you want to let me go to the blind??”
“Forehead,Do you want to say that my wife is smart?,How about it?
This time, a good opportunity,The other party is also a guilty boy.,And wait for people to do things” Yu Xiaoguang is also a bit a bit of Li Hui Feng.。
“Forehead,People have you say so good.,Can you see a junior and medium-sized person??”
“Hey-hey,What happened to initialization?
Junior high school has a lot of piles,And what is my girlfriend is also a beautiful woman?,What college students can be crushed at this point,Afterwards。”
“You also know the postdoctoral post.?”
I heard the topic to open the topic.,Laughing in Xiaoguang:“I am talking about it.,I didn’t make a joke with you.,Do you want to see the guy??”
“Okay,time,Location, you said,Just, I don’t go in the past few days.,If you are my dish,I may not go to the big city.。”
When I say this, I only know that she is now, I don’t want to go to the big city.。