The car finally got off the difficult roads,A flat place。Wang Youcai put out the fire,Sat in the car and rested for a while。

Just drove,Bothersome and laborious,He can’t hold it anymore。Logically,His young man,Should be full of energy,Useless energy is right。But he is not such a man,His body is almost consumed。At this point,He is quite clear in his heart。
Just when he was closing his eyes to rest his mind,His phone rang。Wang Youcai was taken aback by the phone ringtone,Because of this time,His cell phone never rang。Now it rang,He’s really not used to it。
The call was from his elder brother Wang You,Wang Youcai looked at it and didn’t want to pick it up,But when he thinks of his parents,He reluctantly connected the phone。
One call,Wang Youfa yelled loudly on the phone:“I thought you were dead?So there is still quality!”
Wang Youcai didn’t expect that eldest brother would say such vicious things to him,His anger jumped up。He shouted at the phone:“Shut your stinky mouth,My life and death have something to do with you”
“Your life and death really have nothing to do with me,It’s just that the old man is sick again,Now I’m lying in Pingdu First People’s Hospital,it depends on you!”Wang Youfa finished,Hung up。
Wang Youcai was so angry that he almost threw his phone out of the car,Isn’t it that Dad is sick??You can’t just send it to the hospital。Dad was sick before,Wasn’t it given by Wang Youcai?。
What shit brother,When profitable,Nothing。Even the parents got sick,Have to be so clear。
Sat in the car and sulked for a while。Wang Youcai dare not delay,Because my father Wang Degui’s body is getting worse,Get sick at every turn。This time I was admitted to the city hospital again,Maybe a bit serious。Wang Youcai thought of this,He quickly started the car。
Ping city is different from countryside after all。There is not much snow left on the road,So when Wang Youcai’s car arrived in the suburbs,,This speed is obviously up。
At five o’clock in the afternoon,He has arrived at Pingdu First People’s Hospital。He didn’t even make a phone call,But went directly to the inpatient department。
Every time Wang Degui gets sick,Live in the same department,It should be the same this time。So Wang Youcai found the ward where his father Wang Degui lived.。
This is a triple room ward,Wang Degui lives at the door。The old lady Chen Yueqin is dozing off in a chair,And my father Wang Degui was lying on the hospital bed with his eyes closed。The liquid at the head of the bed ticked unhurriedly。
See dad’s pale face,There is such a crowded ward,The anger in Wang Youcai’s heart came out。It’s not that the old man made Dad live in a multi-person room because he was afraid of spending money.。Dad was hospitalized before,All live in single rooms,This is such a room。
Wang Youcai gets angry the more he looks,Just when he was about to attack,A woman’s soft voice suddenly came from behind:“You’re back?”
Wang Youcai turned his head back,Behind him stood Yao Chunni who had just returned from shopping outside。Yao Chunni dresses well,It’s just that the sleepless face is a bit tired,The scalp is also a bit messy。
“Oh!Thank you”Wang Youcai said with a touch。
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