Paper painting:56/100

Not70level,At the moment when Leo broke through the union of man and sword,The level is here73level。
No surprise,The body is already in the seventh stage of life,73 Is not an exaggeration,If it’s not for the lack of a suitable sword before,He could break through70level。
73The level is more because of the accumulation over time,Burst out。
Green Bull looks at Leo,Congratulations in my eyes,But there is a trace of envy。
“do not worry,Didn’t the teacher say,Even if there are differences in racial talents,But any life can reach the general level!”
Leo comforted。
Zefa did say that any creature can reach the rank of general,It’s just a matter of time。
Good talent can be reached soon,It takes a long time for those with poor talents。
So if the talent is insufficient,Just need a little extra help,Such as borrowing from the sky for another five hundred years?
“Green Bull,According to your racial ability,Living two or three hundred years old is not a problem,It is not easy to become a Green Bull in the future?”
Green Bull heard Leo’s words,Suddenly looked at Leo bitterly。
Leo understood the meaning of Green Bull instantly,He doesn’t want to rely on time to be promoted to general,Because it may take seven or eighty years,Even more than a hundred years。
“no way,The sea is fair,Gave you a long life,If you give you a superhuman talent limit,Isn’t the sea going to become the world of your manatees?”
Leo’s eyes looking at the Green Bull quickly lost the battle。
“I understand what you mean,Are you looking for a suitable devil fruit??”