Cannon fodder touched south,Fearfully arrived at the location where Li Tianchou fell,Broken around、Scattered branches and leaves,The traces of vegetation being crushed are also very obvious,He has seen the body of his companion,Right on the edge of the bush less than ten meters in front of him,Full body gray coat,like a statue。

This person a Ji Ling quickly hid behind a rock,In fact, he is very close to Li Tianchou’s position,Years of combat experience also made him aware of the dangers around him,But unable to lock the prey,I didn’t dare to look at my companion’s body,I remembered Zrazra’s voice,An angry shout from the sniper came from the radio headset,“Bastard,Why doesn’t it move?He is right beside you,idiot,find him,Move!”
It’s time for life and death,There is no point in keeping the radio silent,The cowardice of the companion completely angered the sniper,At this time, another cannon fodder has appeared in sight,He seems more timid,Bow body,Holding a gun,Look like a soldier,But he didn’t seem to look for cover to hide,Obviously being scolded,I forgot the basic tactics in a dilemma。
Li Tianchou is also very depressed,Watching two guys close at hand,But it’s temporarily difficult to start,The meditation that finally calmed down was also forced to interrupt,Such a short time,Mental recovery,The only benefit is that the state of extreme fatigue is slightly relieved,Various abilities still cannot call any of them。
But even so,Killing the two cannon fodder in front of him is still easy for Li Tianchou,Strong weapons and time-tested body,It’s the matter of seconds,But he didn’t know how to avoid the sniper’s kill。
The only way is to wait,Waiting for anyone to come by,Or to be closer,Only 35 meters away,He can immediately kill the opponent and use this person as a meat shield,And then solve the other one with a pistol。
Patience and waiting is sometimes a torment,The moment of birth and death can be divided between this kind of electric light and flint,No one dare to take it lightly,Except that can’t find North、Scolded swaying guy,He didn’t actually see the hint of his companion not far away,Still holding the gun and moving forward cautiously,Suddenly raised his head,He finally saw the body of his companion in front,But not the one seen by the previous cannon fodder,But the boss。
Yes,That’s the boss!The color of his clothes is different from others,Is pure black,I like to put a devil’s head on my chest,To flaunt his uniqueness。The boss looks terrible,Lie on your back on the slope,One hand is upside down,I don’t know where the mask went,Half of my face is bloody,Should have been shot in the head,The whole description is quite terrible。
This is still unpredictable in the legend、Murderous‘demon’What?The cannon fodder shivered involuntarily,What kind of freak is the prey this time??!He instantly understood what the sniper meant to call them,Oh my god!He actually stood here with a gun?Although the cannon fodder has been battlefield,Mental quality is very comparable,But Xiaoming didn’t say that,He doesn’t know what he thinks,I won’t listen to the roar in the headset anymore,Turn around and run。
“Bang!”A dull gunshot,The back of the cannon fodder exploded dazzling blood,The corpse still ran seven or eight steps away,He fell to the ground with a chuckle,The sniper finally couldn’t bear his grumpy mood,Killed those who dared to disobey orders。
Actually their time is really running out,East side,Shen Yingjie relies on the effective cooperation of the soldiers,Like a tiger with wings,Successfully killed the injured hunter,Fast moving here,And due south,Two hunters who dragged down a large number of armed police finally could not withstand the pressure,One was killed on the spot,Another missing,More reinforcements on the west side are also coming quickly。
Seeing that the encirclement is about to form,Delay one more second at this time,May never leave,Kill cannon fodder,The sniper decided to leave,The life and death of the prey is no longer something he wants to worry about,The failure this time was too useless,‘demon’Lead,So completely defeated,The sniper’s eyes showed Li Tianchou suddenly appeared and disappeared again.,This person is terrible。
The sniper briefly communicated with another companion and then left without a sound,Left another bewildered cannon fodder,Maybe it can play a role in delaying time。
In fact,It didn’t work just like that.,Li Tianchou just felt the two hunters escape,He quickly got up and knocked out the cannon fodder,This guy is hiding behind a rock seven or eight meters away from him diagonally,I don’t even know that the guy called the prey has been staring at him,If you don’t want to leave a living mouth in the blockade,,Li Tianchou has already solved this person by flying a dagger。
Then Li Tianchou picked up the man’s automatic rifle and fired into the sky,Double click,After a pause,Two more sounds,Finally, two consecutive single shots,This is before‘Ranger’A secret code used in a small-scale simulated battlefield,Indicates that the crisis is temporarily lifted,Four opponents were killed or lost resistance,Two people run away。
Li Tianchou is not sure if there is a previous in the blockade‘Ranger’Colleagues in,But firing a shot into the sky indicates that it has given an accurate direction,Throw away the gun,He walks towards‘demon’Corpse,Tossed over it,Then he quickly left near the rugged Yukou Rock。
The familiar signal naturally made Shen Yingjie ecstatic,This means that the situation has been controlled by Li Tianchou,No danger ahead,She also feels good and understands more meanings,Li Tianchou is summoning his former companions。
But when Shen Yingjie felt the scene,,I only saw the corpses on the ground and the traces of battle,Li Tianchou has long since disappeared。
The moon was particularly round that night,Breeze,Great weather,Quiet in the mountains,Liuyun View is like a huge road crown buckled upright on the mountainside,Inside view,A few small kerosene lamps flickering,The faint and dim lights bring out a touch of tranquility and serenity。
Old Baiyun sitting on the main hall,Taking Guanzhong disciples in evening class,Low drooping eyebrows,Slightly closed eyes,A solemn look,But my heart is up and down,I’m afraid that the walls of the corridor will make strange noises again,I also worry that restless guests will peek into the secrets in the view。