“Master is anxious,Listen to me slowly。”

Nie Feng Shen mysterious secret:“Master you don’t know,The blood and bodhi, the blood and lake, except for a hundred diseases,Enhancement,There is also a full range of functions,Just one,Top ten bowls of rice。”
I don’t know if it is an illusion.,This is only a few days.,Nie Feng is not the previous Nie Feng.,he is sick。
Nie crazy。
“Emperor’s predecessors gave me three blood bodhi,Let me find my own chance,I know that the Blood Bodhi has the effect of growing skills.,I don’t want to eat in the arms.,Then”
Nie Feng face,The tragedy of the dog is abused in the Lingyun Cave。
Three blood Bodhi in hand,Nie Feng first thought,Frost wet chest、Cloud wet chest,Brother three people just one person。
Turn around,There is also a gentle-moving little wet girl,Can not be thick。
Old blood bodhi is only three,Give Kongci,Qin Shuang and the clouds have a cockroach that can’t taste the sweetness.,Handful hand is meat,Nie Feng can’t choose。
Just when he decided to give his blood to Kongci,I remembered the forgotten
Three blood bodhi,Five people,This is?
There is fire unicorn,Going to help Nie Feng solved the problem,Dragon impact war rhythm energy pour,Three consecutive recruits,Take a blight in Nie Feng’s hand。
Next day,Sickness,I took a bloody。
Today is the third day,Liao Jie went to the big Buddha,Fire unicorn squeezes in Lingyun Cave,Leave an unlucky child hungry for three days。
“Means of,Three blood bodhi, you have not eaten one.?”
Magnimension,See Nie Feng nodded,Very unloising shoud,The threat of the wind is going to one,Nie Feng is difficult to become a climate,It doesn’t matter if you put it.。
“Then your Nie Jia’s ancestral martial arts,Aohan six 诀、Snow drinking knife?”
Nie Feng smiled and laughed,it is more than words。
Snow drinking knife in Liao Jun,People’s labor income,There is a king of Nieren、Nie Ying’s kindness,Nie Feng can’t grab,I have no strength to grab。
As for the grave pile of two people,Lingyun cave in four ways,There is also a dog, and there is a Tiger.,He ran three days,I didn’t encounter a grave.。
The only good news,To hold the bloodletsman,Fengshen legs rise。
“Style,You are really a teacher。”
Heroes,Said that only if you know yourself,Lazy to see Nie Feng,No matter what he didn’t eat for three days.,Only just filled a belly water,Turned and returned to the world。
“Waiting first,Master。”
Nie Feng quickly followed the horse:“Let’s leave,What should I do?,Do Master is not looking for him??”
“Let it go”
Hell sighs:“For the teacher to redeem you,Emotion,This life is no longer seeing,Otherwise it will be condemned,Although it is a weight,But the husband keeps committed promise,Can you self-sufficient?!”
“Master,You are so good to be discouraged.。”
“do not talk,You are better than anything.。”