Ye Bopin shook his head,Change shoes,“Strange,Are people crazy,Buying a house is like going to a supermarket,There are no houses on all the road sections I like。”

Wu Lusheng heard it,Say in the kitchen,“Even if you can’t buy it,Run around,You don’t know the market right now,Very popular,People have to let the scalpers help line up,Do you think。”
Ye Boping said nothing,Wash your hands and sit on the sofa,Take the child from Zhang Siwei’s arms。
Wu Lusheng continued,“Forget it,Don’t be busy,I’ll buy it,Wait for me to contact,Just go and sign the contract,You only have that point of interest。”
Ye Boping doesn’t speak,But Zhang Siwei can’t listen anymore,“mom,You can’t say a few words less。”
“I was wrong?You have to pay attention to connections in everything you do now,Need to know the talent line。”Wu Lusheng continued。
Ye Boping is a little unhappy,Zhang Siwei said to his mother,“Apart from our classmates,Any contacts,Certainly not comparable to you。”
Wu Lusheng brought the food out of the kitchen,Teach son-in-law,“Ye Boping,I’m not talking about you,You make less friends with wine and meat,Level too low,It’s not going to be used at a critical time, right。
Buy a house,Can’t buy with money,I have to go,Outstanding!I usually let you go socializing with me,You still not happy。”
Ye Boping doesn’t speak,Pass Ye Jia to Zhang Siwei,Also went to the kitchen to serve food。
Wu Lusheng doesn’t care whether he is tall or happy,go on,“Siwei is a woman,Can’t let her drink too much,This is when you should come forward to socialize,You old man,You should have done this!”
Zhang Siwei said,“okay,What’s the point of you letting him go drinking with your old men and old ladies?,We young people think differently from you。”
“Why is it boring,Drink and drink to get connections,These people are business professionals who have been in business for many years,More contact、Learning more is not a bad thing,Only good。”
Ye Boping doesn’t say much,Serve Zhang Siwei quietly、Pickled vegetables,He took the child and sat on his lap,The family started eating。
Wu Lusheng looked at Ye Boping with an expression of hatred for iron and steel,“You think about my family well,I know,but,the man,Must get the atmosphere,A real man can stand up to the scene。”
Zhang Siwei always defends Ye Boping,“mom,You are nagging every day。”