“Nevita,Should be devil fruit!”

Leo trembled,Leviathan Fruit?
Legendary creature of creation?
This is something higher than any phoenix(The Pirate’s setting is based on Western Fantasy,Do not spray)。
If you have to use the previous life to compare,Then Leviathan is equivalent to the existence of Pangu。
If there is such a powerful fruit, how strong should it be?
“You see that fruit?”Leo hurriedly asked。
“Just feel the existence of that thing,I feel it threatens me,So not close!”
“A fruit gives you a sense of danger?”
“Correct,You come to my country, I will take you to find,You will understand when you arrive!”Hancock becomes serious。
Leo is excited,No matter what the danger, he will get this fruit,Even if he can’t get it, he will go even if he persuades Karp to help。
“it is good,I’m going to find you!”Leo says。
In fact, he is not very far from the country of the empress,It’s closer than the shampoo。
Didn’t talk much,Leo left the sea train and came to the city of water。
“Ainilu, you are here for a while now,I have asked the Troangots to pick you up,Then you can directly contact them with the phone bug!”
Ainilu did not refuse,He knew that Leo was going to a very dangerous place。
His strength can only add to the chaos。
Settle in Aini Road,Leo went straight away。
At his speed, it will take a long time to feel the country of the empress。