“Nuclear warship drawings,1 million technology points,nuclear energyB-2Supersonic machine drawing,300,000 technology points……”

Densely packed are all high-tech military design and construction drawings。
Just build according to the above drawing,Can make the above things in the shortest time。
Then Qin Hao saw a line of small print。
One thousand merit points can be exchanged for one technology point。
This is1:1000,So how much did he get just now,10,000 technology points,What is the value of success?10 million merit value。
Qin Hao saw a line of small print at the back,Merit value can be exchanged for technology points,But technology points cannot be exchanged for merit points。
This broke Qin Hao’s idea of redeeming merit。
But Qin Hao changed his mind,This technology is so expensive,Must have his reason。
Merit value is only useful to him alone,But this technological point,As long as the exchange becomes a blueprint。
That’s useful to everyone in China!We can use this to greatly enhance China’s military heritage。
so,No loss at all for these ten thousand technological points,It’s a big profit。
“Qin Hao,We should go too,The rest will be handled by the border troops。”
Fei Lang walked towards Qin Hao,Said to Qin Hao。
immediately,They boarded the gunship and returned to the iron blade。
And at this moment,The news that the iron-blooded blade completely wiped out the poisonous thorn mercenaries caused a sensation in the world。
Chapter Eighty One Supreme Glory!
The former ace of the Iron-Blood Blade was hit hard by the Stinger Mercenary,So that the forced dissolution event is well known。