He never forced Zhu Minglang to inherit the family business,Must learn to forge。

But Tianguan Zhu hopes that Zhu Minglang can have his own foothold,Not because of the real need for strength,Can only sigh,Not because of humiliation,Swallow,Not to be persecuted、Mutilation,There is nothing to fight back!
Zhu Minglang killed Zhao Chen。
Zhu Tianguan never thought there was any problem。
in contrast,This is the backbone Zhu Men should have。
Wang An is not compliant because of Zhumen,Constant provocation, Zhumen’s bottom line,Zhu Tong’s death,Just one of their shameless actions。
Face such a thing,Can’t endure endlessly!
Fortunately, Zhu Minglang is back。
Fortunately, he has this temper。
Fortunately, he still has the strength to crush others!
What is Zhao Chen?
The identity is not as noble as Zhao Yinge。
Zhu Minglang abolished Zhao Yinge,Just banished for a few years。
Zhao Chen is dead,If it weren’t for An Wang kept biting,Zhu Minglang doesn’t even have to attend today。
He wishes the only son in the door,What happened to you who killed a royal child??
What’s more, it’s the other party who kills first。
“Actually you have to feel wronged,You can continue to stay in the capital……”Zhu Tianguan is a bit dissatisfied after all。
Especially this verdict。
Why punish?
I wish Tianguan would not be afraid of King An!