“Yes!I am a minority。Is it because of my name you guessed it?”Xiangmei looked surprised。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Except your name,You seem to resemble the characteristics of a minority,What exactly,I can’t say”
“Nonsense!You just guessed。What are the characteristics of me,Undress,It’s not exactly the same as your Han women”Xiangmei said,Suddenly burst into laughter。This voice is full of infinite temptation,It makes Xia Jian a little scared。
Xia Jian can’t figure it out,A woman like Xiangmei,Why are you with a man like Quan?。He is a little confused,Is it all for money?
Xiangmei looked at Xia Jian,Said with a faint smile:“Don’t guess,I’ll tell you!I have loved acting since I was a kid,But the family doesn’t have this condition,So when I graduated from high school, I found my own life。Although my face is not pretty enough,But I have a good body,So I was taken by a performing company”
“Oh!Really didn’t see it,You are really an actor?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but say such a sentence。
Xiangmei ignored Xia Jian,But took a breath and said:“Women come out,More trouble than you men。Ugly, no one looks at you,Looks slightly beautiful,Will cause a lot of trouble”Xiangmei stopped here when she said。
Xia Jian knows,Xiangmei must be talking about her sadness,So he didn’t speak anymore,But waiting for Xiangmei to adjust her emotions slowly。
After a while,Xiangmei took a breath and said:“Because the performing company not only wants to act,And also want me to sleep with。I can’t bear it,I broke up with the performing company in a fit of anger。The annoying thing is that they don’t want to let me go,Right here,Brother Quan saved me”
“Didn’t you know what Brother Quan did??”Xia Jian asked。
Xiangmei shook her head and said:“Brother Quan is rich and powerful,Mixed in the provincial capital。Later I learned that he was dealing with underground objects,I have no regrets with Brother Quan,Because he gave me money,It also gave me dignity to some extent”
Xia Jian can’t understand what dignity Xiangmei is talking about?Is it because Brother Quan called her a slut?,Let her sit down and kneel。In short, Xia Jianyong didn’t understand the lifestyle of these people.。
“Although it’s illegal to play underground objects,But it’s better than stealing and snatching。Coincidentally, I know Xie Xiaoya,Later she even played this”When Xiangmei said this,,My eyes lit up。
Xia Jian frowned,Asked coldly:“Last time Xie Xiaoya came to the provincial capital to shoot an object,Was later chased on the train,I have been rushed to Bucheon,Is this also yours?“
“You are an outsider,Some things are best not to know,The less you know,The better for you“When Xiangmei said this,,There was a fierce light in the eyes。See here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel tight,It seems that he really underestimated this Xiangmei。
Xia Jian paused and said again:“Xie Xiaoya once told me,It’s the last time she dumped something underground,Why she doesn’t count?“
“You are too stupid,In our business,Can you stop it so easily?“That’s it for Xiangmei,Body suddenly tilted,She leaned over on Xia Jian。
Xia Jian held her fragrant shoulders that were as smooth as beautiful jade with both hands,Said with a gentle help:“You sit down,Don’t try to convince me this way,Moreover,Even if you convinced me to cooperate with your actions,But I don’t know how to contact Xie Xiaoya“
“you’re so dumb!Don’t you know that the spring night is worth a thousand dollars?You don’t have to worry about contacting Xie Xiaoya,Just stay here honestly“Xiangmei said,Turned around,Then he threw himself full。
The fragrance on her,Pounce,Xia Jian couldn’t help but sucked his nose twice more greedily。He doesn’t know,He always has a soft spot for fragrance,Every time I encounter a different scent,He will have a rare impulse。