but,Didn’t wait for her to act,There is already another big stinger who has come out,It is Tu Shanming。

Tu Shanming is actually a little flustered at the moment,Facing two masters above level 42,He’s only level 38,Can you not panic?
but,Tu Shanming has a feeling,I must stand up at this time,Even if I won by luck before,Then I hope this good luck will last longer,A little longer。
“Hey!You two,Did you ask what Uncle Tu meant??Who dare to try?The stick in Lao Tzu’s hand is not affectionate!”Tu Shanming gritted his teeth,Shouting。
He has fought with Mo Wen just now,And no matter what,The end result is that Mo Wen fell,He is still standing,So he thinks,I might be able to die again,Against those two bad guys,What if I can stand still?
Seeing this asshole stand up and find death,Zhong Yefu smiled,Tao:“Dragon brother,please!”
Long Zhanye tilted his head,Tu Shanming looked up and down for a while,Just now this kid was just out of shit luck,Only repelled Mo Wen,He doesn’t think it depends on strength。
A small character at level 38,I’m not qualified to be arrogant at this time。
“Hey!Kid!I think you have a good temper,Why don’t you mess with me later!I will protect you to level 40!”Long Zhanye laughed loudly。
No one in the room thought,Long Zhanye, these mad people,Made an exception and didn’t kill anyone,But to solicit Tu Shanming。
This kind of thing is really rare!Don’t talk about Zhong Yefu,Even the people of Tatsunokai have their eyes widened,Feel a little weird。
Tu Shanming himself was also taken aback,Facial expression changed slightly。
He is just a bit reckless,Not really stupid,of course I know,Against these two masters,The chance of death is as high as 90%。
But now,Long Yehui’s gang leader, Long Zhanye, unexpectedly recruited himself,In other words,As long as he nods,I don’t have to bury my bones here immediately,And the other party will give him resources,Help him reach the 40th level。