Deadpool new film Avatar action version Chumen’s World

“Deadpool” new film “Avatar” action version “Chumen’s World”
Sauna Night News On December 8, the action comedy “Free Guy” (temporarily translated as “Avatar”) starring “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds was officially announced.The film is described as “The World of Chumen” with more action scenes.In the film, bank employee Guy (Ryan Reynolds) finds himself an NPC (abbreviation of non-player character, meaning non-player character, a type of character in the game) of a brutal action-adventure video game, someoneHe accidentally resisted the program and transformed the player’s perspective from NPC.The task of saving the world fell on Guy. With the help of the virtual avatar Molotov Girl (Judy Comer), he would stop the game owner from closing his world.The film is directed by Sean Levy (“Museum’s Wonderful Night”, “Steel Armor” and “Strange Story”), Judy Comer (“Killing Eve”), and Lille Lyle Hawray (“Escape from Desperate Town”), Joe Kiri (“Strange Things”, Taiga Viditi (“Thor 3”)) and will be released in North America on July 3, 2020.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wu Xingfa