Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty One People go to the sky
The three returned along the same path,Tao Meng and Qi Baozhu are all normal,And the worrying Ling Feng never appeared again,It seems to have evaporated。After Li Tianzhen briefly introduced the situation in Xia Gu Nei to the two of them, he and Tao Meng、Quan Xingguo discussed the order of shift alert,Then he leaned his head against the rock wall and closed his eyes to rest,So tired。
Things went well unexpectedly,Less than half an hour,Kwon Hsing-kuo, who served as a guard, cheered in a low voice,The three Wu Fang have appeared in sight。Everyone is awakened one by one,High-five one after another,It’s finally a victory rendezvous。
Yuan Hua’s situation is better than expected,Although supported by Guo Yaowu,But he was limping away quite energetic。Wu Fangze has red eyes,Look tired,Mud everywhere,It seems that the jungle has tossed him hard enough,And didn’t see you in the middle of the night,Temper is getting longer,Kicked the captive Ma Tsai somersault,“go away,Don’t call you,Don’t come over。”
Li Tianzhen noticed that Wu Fang’s mood was a bit wrong,But think about it and understand,The last moment of entering the valley,He may be more worried about his brother Pan Wenjun。Don’t care so much,It is important to change the dressing of the small steel column,He pulled out some anti-inflammatory drugs from Wu Fang and Guo Yaowu And gauze,Clean Qi Baozhu with Tao Meng and others,Apply medicine,Put on a new gauze。
Quan Xingguo unlocked his marching kettle for the first time,Feed Qi Baozhu and drink enough water,Touch the other’s forehead,“Fever subsided a bit,Okay,The body has some foundation。”
After busy,Everyone introduced the situation after the group,Can’t help but feel surprised。One side is in full swing,On the other side is apart from dense forests and beasts,I didn’t even see any personal hair。
This situation is too weird,Wu Fang’s heart is getting more and more depressed,An ominous premonition hovered in my mind.。Ling Feng、Xie Man and others spent so much energy stalking the group of Li Tianzhi,OldAThe power in the mountains did not appear to cooperate with it,And no trace,What does this show?Only one possibility,Something went wrong in the mountain,And it’s a big problem。So what will Pan Wenjun do?
“Rested,Let’s set off。”Wu Fang dare not think about it anymore,I can’t wait a bit,No matter how tired,He stood up straight。
Everyone didn’t dare to slack off,Got up and set off。Yu Wufang、Guo Yaowu escorted Ma Zai first,Tao Meng and Yuan Hua,Li Tianzhen carried Qi Baozhu in the middle,Quan Xingguo is still the last。
Soon I came to the cave in the rock again,After Wu Fang and the others entered the cave for a round,Ran out again,Found the rope in his big backpack、Flying claw、A bunch of climbing equipment such as seat belts were distributed to Tao Meng and Quan Xingguo,“You two try to fix that wheel first,The big iron frame below is a good thing,We can’t leave Yuan Hua and Brother Qi。”
“What is the iron frame?”Li Tianzhen is on guard outside the cave,Did not go in。
“Just a big iron frame,rectangular,Can transport things up and down。“Wu Fang patted his head,”Grandma’s,Pretty big inside,Seven or eight square meters,Two big wheels,Paralyzed like an elevator。I don’t know how these gangsters found this place?”
“Really can’t do,Let’s group,One person to look after the wounded……”
“No no no。”Wu Fang waved his hand straight,“Trust those two guys,Sure to fix。Go together,We are brothers,No one can fall,Even carry them back。”
Li Tianzhi is speechless,I feel that Wu is a little bit horny under the influence of emotions,That kind of big wheel is extremely primitive,In case it takes time to repair,Not worth the loss。