The dense fog caused by the violent explosion dissipated,In case,Li Tianzhi’s figure has already retreated a thousand miles,But the first picture he saw when he opened his eyes made his creeps,The young man is sitting opposite,Still aloof,The surrounding is also a magnificent hall environment,Everything is exactly the same as a few seconds ago,Nothing changed,As if the earth-shattering fatal kill was an illusion。

Li Tianzhu actually noticed,The regular force that the boy mobilizes in his gods is‘Conservation’s method,But he borrowed the ultimate move he just used‘destroy’the rule of,As if neither side、Or deliberately avoiding using one’s own power,Only one possibility,Borrowed before this child‘Conservation’The purpose of the rules is to let him use‘Conservation’Power of rules,There must be articles in this。
“Stop pretending!”Li Tianzhen shouted loudly,“Open your eyes!”
Unexpected,The boy really opened his eyes according to Yan,Weirdly asked,“Why yell?”
Li Tianzhu is a little confused,Bite the tip of your tongue suddenly,The severe pain irritated his nerves,Confirmation is not an illusion,God’s consciousness is never controlled by the other party,Then the guy on the other side must be pretending,Exaggerated disguise,I didn’t evade and resisted his fierce blow,why?
“I just wanted to kill you,Before,You are trying to control my consciousness,Locked in by me,What do you say?Brighter,Let me go right away,Otherwise you never want to come back。”
The teenager laughed,“Since I don’t like it here,You can go。”
Li Tianchou just left,Stomped,Body shape into the sky,Turn into a streamer and fly away,In the other’s skyscraper,He doesn’t dare to easily arouse the power of rules,After two battles between God and the real world,He knows very well,There is a big gap with this boy in the understanding of the rules,Relying on the magical powers once possessed,Out of the Skyscraper in one go。
The dazzling gilded wall is right in front of you,Li Tianzhen slows down,Worried that the teenager will be like‘Creation’Set up traps like that,Natural,So my body shook,Dozens of clones flew in all directions,Palm and foot kick,The rumbling voice keeps on,Dozens of critical strikes did not trigger any mechanism,There was even a clone that smashed the wall through a big hole,His real body took the opportunity to fly out from the hole。
Just escaped?Li Tianzhen can’t believe it,But in the cold、In a dark environment,There is also the smell of evil spirits,He did not believe it。
Look back,A golden hall not far away,shining,Extremely conspicuous in the dark space,Li Tianzhen naturally escaped from the hall,Presumably this hall is the main hall of the skyscraper,It’s just a dead silence all around,Can’t perceive any evil spirits,The grand hall is lonely,Give him a very unreal feeling。
‘Creation’There are strong people like star beasts and pastoralists around to follow,This young man does not lack strong men,Where are you now??
Li Tianzhen can’t think too much,Take a brief look,Rush to the southeast。He is still within the scope of the skyscraper,That boy was just locked in by him,May be a little confused and stiff,Once reacted,He can’t escape。
The southeast is just the entrance to the gate of heaven,Is it right,Li Tianzhen was not sure,Just stay away from the Skyscraper first is the first choice now。