China @ 四 川 | China researchers reveal "hidden" variation in rice genome

  Xinhua News Agency, June 2 (Reporter Wu Xiaoying) my country’s scientific research personnel adopts third-generation gene sequencing technology, revealing the "hidden" variation in rice genome.

  This research result "The general genomic analysis based on 33 rice genetic diversity materials reveals the" hidden "genome variation", recently published in the international academic journal "Cell" online.

  According to reports, Li Shi, Institute of Rice, Sichuan Agricultural University, Qinpeng team and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Genetic and Development Biology Research Institute Liang Chengzhi team selected 33 rice materials with highly representative, using the latest third-generation gene sequencing technology, Among them, 31 materials were sequencing, high – quality genome assembly and gene annotation.

The system was comparable to the analysis of 17,1072 genetic variations and 22,549 genetic copies variations. Professor Li Shigui said that this study opened the gate of structural variation, will help accelerate the research of rice functional genomics and molecular design breeding, and provide basic support for new varieties of high quality and green safety rice.