He can’t judge。

Just foaming at the mouth,There are several possibilities!
“I recommend……Let’s hand in the ambulance first!I can’t judge!”
The foreigner shook his head。
“Just overexcited!”
At this moment,Here comes another middle-aged man with glasses。
Made a judgment all at once,Then start first aid。
just,It seems that the situation is worse!
Fatty direct pupil dilation。
Collapsed in place!
The middle-aged man was stunned,This is epilepsy?
but,It doesn’t feel like……
“Thank you for your hospitality today……”
At this moment,Fang Yu got up。
Took a sip of red wine,Wiped away the greasy corners of the mouth。
“You have to shoot?”
Gou Hui just knew Fang Yu was a doctor。