Everyone talked,obviously,Very offensive to the uninvited guest who suddenly appeared here。

Xia Chenglong’s mouth shows a wicked smile,Feel the breath of momentum in the square,This is the unique taste of the college。
“Xiaolong,Do you want to see Godfather abuse elementary school students?!”
“Yes I do!”
“it is good,Then we go。”
When Fubeipeng is 100 meters away from the ground,Xia Chenglong took Xia Xiaolong directly and jumped down。
Everyone was stunned,Dare to jump down at a height of 100 meters,Does this person want to live??
“fast,Everyone go back!”Senior seniors immediately ordered everyone。
At the moment when everyone retreated,Xia Chenglong’s strong air pressure when he descended directly towards the square,Countless cracks appear,The terrifying wind roar indicates the crisis at the moment。
Everyone thinks,In this case, those who fall from the sky must die。
But just when some students were so scared to put their eyes away,A strong air current rushes directly at the ground。
The huge recoil brought by Qianye Xianglong moved towards Xia Chenglong in an instant,With this recoil, they slowed down。
Even so,When people land,Still making a strong smacking sound,A puff of smoke covered the center,Everyone’s eyes fixed on the smoke。