Pepsia in the heart in the foot

Zhijin County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, was a concentrated perspective area of ??Umon Hill. It is 1.26 million people. It is Guizhou Province, Bijie City, the universal battlefield.

In 2014, there were thousands of poverty people in the county. Yang Hua is the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Bijie Municipal People’s Congress, secretary of the Kingxian Committee. In these years, he led the majority of cadres and masses to promote the extraction of the poverty and promoting the economic and social development of the county. In March 2020, Weaving County officially exited the sequence of poor counties.

"We are in the first line of poverty reduction, only with your feelings, there is a responsibility on your shoulders, and the action is powerful, and you can don’t deserve the initial mission." Yang Hu said. "You can’t do it, do you want to do it together" "" "Go to Weaving Gold as a county party secretary, I have been fully prepared, I must lead everyone to work together, defeat poverty!" Yang Hua said. Deversion of poverty, dry words, Yang Hua gives yourself "three first-line" work standards: work in front line, live in front line, investigate in front line. Just arrived in Zhijin County, he took the village to enter the house, squatted to investigate the cause of the villagers to poverty, and research and develop countermeasures.

Every time, he has deeply understood the actual situation and wears the diagnosis. "Pick the hardest hard bones!" In 2017, Yang Hu took the initiative to contact the remote villages and towns from Shengmao Township. In 2018, I took the largest poverty in the poor and the highest incidence of poverty, and set an example for the county leading cadres. . "You can’t turn on others, you have to do it with everyone.

"Under Yang Hua Lead, 388 residential secretary of the Zhijin County, 1566 cadres carrying the resident work in the village, more than 10,000 party members and cadres under the grassroots, do practical things.

In the past 5 years, 413, 413, a total of 2179 kilometers, a total of 2179 kilometers, built in the construction of rural "group groups."

At the same time, 350,000 people drink safe water.

When the county was in the county, Yang Hu said: "Can fight together with the woven cadres in the crucial moment, and finally do this, this is the most memorable, most precious, most worthy of my life. A period of time! "" Leading the masses get rich and increasing, the key is to find a good industry "What is the industry in Weaving? What industries do people need? How to develop an industry? Yang Hui has been thinking about the development of local industries since she has been thinking.

He believes that "leading the masses get rich and increasing, the key is to find a good industry." There are more than 200 saponi-centered finishing families in the cathouse, which is the largest saponi finishing base, distributed. For a long time, the development of local saponal finishing industries is in the "scattered" state.

After many investigations, Yang Hu has developed ideas: the construction of soap industrial parks in the cat area, attracting enterprises to settle, and gradually form a complete industrial chain. In Weaving Jinxian, Hongtuzhu has a long planting history. Although the benefits are considered, the mass participation is not high.

Yang Hua promoted the establishment of a special platform company, integrating multi-party resources, and taking technical problems, helping the masses participated in the bamboo industry. Put the industrial cow nose. Since 2018, Wendjin County has introduced more than 10 large-scale leaders, promoting more than 600 companies, cooperatives and 200,000 poor people in the county to establish a stable interest joint mechanism, planting saponi 10,000 mu, bamboo? ? ?.

"Weaving Golden Bamboo" production area was selected from the advantages of China’s characteristic agricultural product, "Weaving Jinshui" won the national agricultural product geographical symbol registration product, and the saponi was included in the 12th specializes in Guizhou Province. Weaving gold came from a rural specialty industry development new road. Relying on the characteristic industry, the GDP has increased from 15.4 billion yuan in 2015 to 100 million yuan in 2020, and the per capita disposable income of the rural resident residents increased from 6883 yuan in 2015 to 11256 yuan. "Don’t do more practical and more difficult, in order to exchange the people of the masses" "put the masses in the heart, do practical things for the masses, the masses will take you as loved ones.

"Walking as the county party secretary, Yang Huayin’s heart, the people’s livelihood, leading the party members and cadres to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the mass production and life. He always said:" Many do things more and more difficult, can be exchanged The people of the masses.

"Every township, village group research, Yang Hua must go to the farmers’ home.

What are the benefits of helping the cadres, the source of family life is mainly, the housing is safe, and the child has any difficulties, and it is convenient to eat water.

These people’s livelihood doctors are all in the news, put them in the heart.

The old party members of the 65-year-old Party member of the strengthening mountain village are all kindly to call Yanghua as "Shoe Sini".

In the rainy day, Yang Hua always wears a pair of rain shoes.

Once, the Wang family met Yang Hua on the way, he was embarrassed to be a mud, I want to go home to change the cleanllar and talk to Yang Hua.

I don’t want, Yang Hua’s foot stepped into the mud, pointing at the shoes on his feet and said: "Nothing, just talk here, I also wear rain shoes, convenient." Due to long-term running, Yang Hua right elbow muscles Atrophy.

The next day after surgery, he was regarded as a doctor, family and colleagues, and rushed to the project to build a line.

In the past 5 years, Yang Hua went through the streets and villages of the Zhijin County … Field, village group, canteen, the construction site is his office.

"There are more mud, and the heart is a true feelings." Yang Hu said that the achievements have been in the past, and the future still needs to be done.

Originally published in the People’s Daily (06th Edition, July 13, 2021).