“Ha ha!What’s the matter?I’ll analyze it for you,Maybe I can help you solve this problem,There are more solutions than difficulties,right?”endThis one again,And also blew Xia Jian a kiss behind。

Talk about it,No one knows anyway,Xia Jian thought of this,Just hit the road:“My best girlfriend left without saying goodbye,But a man called today,Meet me,Said he knew the news of my friend,But i’m not sure,Who is this person,Is it a trap?”
Two flashes of head,endReplied:“Where?If it is deep mountain and old forest,And private address,You won’t go”
“Cuizhu Pavilion on the eighth floor of Hyatt Hotel,Seems to be a private room”Xia Jian went back without hesitation。
endReturned the message soon“go with,Here is the big hotel,Nothing will happen,Not into the tiger’s den,Yan De Hu Zi,Are you my dear,wish you success”It’s another kiss,It’s fake,But Xia Jian felt like the real thing。
throughendSuch an analysis,Xia Jian suddenly enlightened,This place is not an ordinary hotel,There shouldn’t be people messing around,Moreover,If you don’t go,How do you know if this is a trap?Even desperately,He wants to find out for Xiao Xiao。
First0140chapter Strange woman
Hyatt Hotel,It is a five-star hotel in Bucheon。
Beginning of the lantern,The night view is very charming。Xia Jian hit a di,Get off the car at the gate of the Hyatt Hotel,Just walked in,A young and beautiful welcome guest smiled and said:“welcome”
Xia Jian nodded,Politely asked:“How can I get to Cuizhu Pavilion on the 8th floor??”
Girl thought for a moment,Smiled and said:“Sir, please go east,on3No. elevator”