The sun came in through the cracks in the wooden house,Only then did Wang Youcai stand up and get up。

Watching the sun hanging on the top of the mountain,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but yawned again。These days,He doesn’t sleep well every night,Because he has to organize the workers to play two games at night,This is also his way of making money,People who have played the card know the mystery。
Although he is in the deep mountains,But don’t miss the feasting and feasting of the big southern cities。Last time he passed,I almost lost my life,Fortunately, I met a big boss,And this boss just happened to come to the west to open a mine,This is not exactly what Wang Youcai wanted。
After some discussion,Big boss pays,He manages,Profit 37%。This is not overnight,From a wage earner,Changed back to the second boss。
Wang Youcai who has experience of ups and downs in life,Upon returning from the south,He didn’t go straight home,Did not contact any acquaintances,But brought two technicians assigned to him by the big boss,Went directly to Dongling Mountain。
Fortunately God has eyes,So they discovered a gold mine,So recruiting soldiers and selling horses,He started working here。Wang Youcai is not a fool,He knew that it was illegal for him to mine this way,So he dare not fantasize,It’s just a little trouble。Because where they mine,Fifty or sixty miles away from the mountain,I don’t usually have a human hair,Let alone someone coming in。
Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about some of his past,Suddenly a woman yelled from the east kitchen:“Snake!There are snakes!”
All dozens of workers entered the mine,Only his boss is left,The other one is Liu Xiaoying who cooks,This woman is in her thirties,Tall,Good at work,It took Wang Youcai a lot of energy to get her in。
Because these workers are doing physical work,It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay,Can’t eat well,Where’s the strength of this work?。So the quality of this meal is good or not,It’s all about Liu Xiaoying。
Heard this woman yelling,Wang Youcai rushed over before he could fasten his buttons,He just stepped into the kitchen door,Liu Xiaoying rushed over,She hugged Wang Youcai’s fat body。Don’t look at the strength of this woman,Can be frightened by a snake。
“Where is the snake?”Wang Youcai opened his voice and asked。
Liu Xiaoying looked back timidly,Finger at the window,I saw a cauliflower snake crawling out,Only two or three inches long half of the tail is left。
When Wang Youcai was about to find something to clean up the guy,The snake may also be aware of its danger,Suddenly chick,No shadow。
Although the snake is gone,But Liu Xiaoying still held Wang Youcai tightly。Woman soft body,And the two boluses on her chest,All squeezed,Wang Youcai’s body suddenly felt。
He lowered his head slightly,Through Liu Xiaoying’s collar,I saw her white breast。Wang Youcai gave a bad smile,Speak softly:“Don’t be afraid,Isn’t it just a snake??I’m here”
Wang Youcai said,I put an arm around Liu Xiaoying’s body,And the other hand touched Liu Xiaoying’s chest。
When Liu Xiaoying realized that Wang Youcai was wrong,It’s a bit late,She was panting,Faintly:“Boss Wang,You can’t do this,we have agreed upon it,I just cook”